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  1. Zvch

    Unanswered Favorite Cycle You Ever Ran?

    Test E 200mg/week Tren Ace 30-40mg a day Ostarine 30mg a day Cut 13 pounds and went up in size and strength dramatically in 6 weeks. Had little to no side-effects and felt great the majority of the time. The way I look on Tren and Ostarine is like high dosed Winny on steroids. The definition...
  2. Zvch

    Emotional/Psychological Effects of Steroids/SARMs/PHs, or other PEDs

    Since this seems to be the less talked about aspect of PED use, I thought it’d be interesting to start a discussion about personal experience with specific compounds and if/how they affected you emotionally or mentally. We know they affect many more pathways than just the ones that are...
  3. Zvch

    Test Prop, Winstrol, Ostarine & Hexadrone

    Test Prop, Winstrol, S23, Hexadrone Hey guys, A friend of mine threw me forty 50mg Winny caps the other day in return for a favor, so I figured I’d make a whole cycle of it and use it as a jump start. I wanted to log it because this is my first time running any of these orals and there aren't...