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  1. Sheriff Morri

    Best composition scales

    I am in the market for a new set of scales for the house. Just wondering what you guys use and how accurate they actually are. I'm torn between the Garmin Index smart scale (I already use garmin connect for my running and workouts) and the Tanita RD953 . As always, any help is welcomed.
  2. Sheriff Morri

    Unanswered Having a good D-Bol cycle.

    As always guys just asking some questions to get a better idea of what's available regarding AAS. I was curious regarding D-Bol (probably done to death so I apologise). What would a regular dosage be running for 8weeks? If training and diet is on point how rapid are results shown? With the...
  3. Sheriff Morri

    Unanswered Are there preloaded disposable gear syringes

    So in my 20’s I sort of remember viles of gear that were ready to pin. I’m sure they had plungers on them and you just had to affix a needle. Does this ring a bell to anyone and if I’m remembering them correctly do they still exist????🤔
  4. Sheriff Morri

    Answered DMZ v M1T

    I'm after info on the next cycle I'm going to try. I've ran a few sarms, t-bol and t-bol with 4AD cycles. I have lost around 13kg in weight since February due to a marathon I'm training for in 5 weeks time however I'm keen to start lifting properly again. My wife even commented that she...
  5. Sheriff Morri

    Sun Tzu quote

    The quote from Sun Tzu ‘can you imagine what I would do if could do all I can’ Does anyone know where this quote was written? I can’t find it in the publication ‘The Art Of War’!
  6. Sheriff Morri

    How many sources?

    mod edit: we don't talk about such things here.
  7. Sheriff Morri


    What happened to the big thread on Olympus labs SD?
  8. Sheriff Morri

    Reputable Sarm for PCT

    My current cycle ends on Sunday and I have my supply of Nolva ready to start on Monday. I’m now intending to add either MK 677 or cardarine to the PCT. I’m in the UK and am looking for a reputable brand that has a proven track record. I have tried both alpha labs and body conscious own brand...
  9. Sheriff Morri

    Advanced pharma venom

    I bought a few tubs of this product about a month ago and found a lot of stockist had it available. I’m now trying to sort an extra tub but nowhere has it... Can anyone shed some light on the product and why has it become unavailable??
  10. Sheriff Morri

    Tbol cycle with transdermal added

    So I have been patient after my first tbol cycle and can not wait to start my next one. This will be happening mid January and will be ran at 60mg for 8weeks. I am quite excited about adding a transdermal test base to help it along and help fight off some of the lethargy I found in my last...
  11. Sheriff Morri

    Ostarine and LGD dosage

    What would be the pros and cons of altering dosage of sarms to effect the period of time taking them? I have 2months of Ostarine at 25mg and LGD at 5mg. As these compounds take a while to kick in, is it best to keep with the 8weeks or are there any benefits of doubling the daily dosage and...
  12. Sheriff Morri


    Just curious as to find any info or real user reviews on this product from pred nutrition. Or any other TD products that have resulted in good results. What sides have folk experienced and what gains have you chaps experienced.
  13. Sheriff Morri

    UK source of MK677

    My tbol cycle is coming to an end in a week and a half and during my PCT I’m going to run some mk677. So far I have used alphaform labs and body conscious own brand. Using both these brands I have never had any of these mental dreams folk talk about and never really noticed an increase in...
  14. Sheriff Morri

    Anabolic rating

    Sorry for the silly question. Can someone tell me the significance of the anabolic rating and what it actually means. For example. Anavar Anabolic rating 320/630 Androgenic rating 24 I understand we sit at 100/100 but i can’t workout why Androgenic rating is double the anabolic rating in...
  15. Sheriff Morri

    Tbol only cycle

    So today marks my 3rd week (out of 5.5weeks) of a 80mg a day tbol only cycle. And I have to say I love this stuff. Zero sides as of now and only positives. My recovery from each workout is full and I workout 6days a week. My strength has went up and visually I look bigger with my chest going...
  16. Sheriff Morri

    A week of training breakdown

    Ok so the breakdown of my workout is a usual rotation of Day 1 chest and tri’s Day 2 back and bi’s Day 3 legs, delts and traps This is just repeated continuously with 5k runs thrown in 3 times a week on days I have time. My workout is purely sets of 12-15 reps of each exercise at approx 60%...
  17. Sheriff Morri

    ATD advise

    On one of my past sarm cycles I thought ATD was a decent PCT. I got a bottle of it and then after more research found that Nolva or Clomid were still the preferred option due to the effect ATD has on your estrogen production. So I’m a little stuck as why or when anyone would use ATD! Any...
  18. Sheriff Morri

    Sarms to the darkside

    I have been running ostarine and MK 677 for approx 8 weeks and have enjoyed the mild increase in size and all over stamina and recovery increase. I have now started a cycle of tbol at 80mg and LGD 4033 at 8mg for the next 5.5 weeks. My pct will be nolva at 40/20/20/20 My workout consists of...