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  1. TheSaiyan

    Straight Up Kratom Simply (Saiyan) Green Vein Review

    Big shout out to Straight Up Kratom for hooking up 4 ounces of their Simply Green Vein Kratom. I’m here to share my honest opinion on the product and am open to any and all questions as I share my experiences here with you all. I’ve used Kratom one other time a few years back and I don’t even...
  2. TheSaiyan

    Cronus + Legendary need I say more?!

    I want to thank Pyro and the good fellas at Chaos and Pain for allowing me to run this stack for them! Sorry for the delay, I had a spontaneous trip to the girlfriend's parents that lasted most of last week. I went with the Omnipotent Orange flavor for the sustained formula protein blend known...
  3. TheSaiyan

    Super (Saiyan) Cardarine Log

    Hey guys, I was lucky enough to be chosen for this log so first things first I want to thank PRIMEVALVP for this opportunity. As the title reads I will be receiving one bottle of their new product Super Cardarine which is a generous 180 capsules loaded with 5 mg cardarine a piece. My goal...
  4. TheSaiyan


    I was lucky enough to get my mitts on this transdermal laxogenin supplement by Iron Legion . I was unlucky enough to go through a week of flooding and power outages so this wasn't started immediately to my regret. (Lakes rose 12 feet and a sh*t ton of people had to be rescued from their...
  5. TheSaiyan


    Wanted to thank Swolbraham for the sick opportunity to run their thermogenic Pyroxamine! I wanted to try this blend due to the inclusion of Citicholine, Hordenine and Hup A. A bunch of ingredients I love from trial testing so I knew I couldn't go wrong here. Goal is obviously to lean up, get...
  6. TheSaiyan


    Sup guys, Got a little (big) package at my door just 10 minutes ago. I was already thinking the guys at Menace Nutrition had forgotten about me to! Before we dive into this I want to give a thanks to Koi, even though he is no longer affiliated with them he is the man who hooked up this tub...
  7. TheSaiyan

    Mass 550 + Max Pump = ?

    Remember me? Long time no log! So to bring it back into full swing I have what is quickly becoming my new favorite stack (I have been running this like a week or so). Mass 550 and Max pump For those of you that don't know Mass 550 is Finaflex's new natural test booster, you might know us...
  8. TheSaiyan

    Senzu Bean Cream

    Sup guys, Saiyan here with a wonderful new log on BPS Dermacrine! Would like to first thank Reggie for the opportunity as I've been interested in a transdermal for quite some time! So I got this in the mail really quickly (+1 for fast shipping) Specs 20 5'10 193 Training for 3 years and...
  9. TheSaiyan

    Formutech Flexible Powder (Saiyan tested)

    So I wanna thank my boys at Formutech for hooking it up fat! Flexible Powder is as the name suggests a joint enhancement/repair product in a powder! Gonna be running 2 scoops a day for 15 days and logging any noticeable difference. Already the flavor is amazing (one scoop on Sunday night...
  10. TheSaiyan

    NLA For Her Line Drive Sale

    Howdy all, As my last act as rep here I would like to announce a sale that will be going on through August 8th. Up to 71% off!!! Feel free to ask me any questions and check out the prices on the planet! Stock up on some gifts in case you get put in the dog house, need to sweeten her up to...
  11. TheSaiyan

    Stephen's Energizer Bunny Log

    Sup bros, This is going to be a log of personal accountability (feel free to offer feedback as you see fit). I'm getting ready for a competition in September in which I am aiming to beat a couple bench press records. I like logging and and it's easier to have all my noodz up here than on...
  12. TheSaiyan

    StephenGarcia? More like ZzztephenGarcia (Rem 8.0)

    Shout out to my boy Swanky! And F Nutrition of course :) Talked to him after I tried a sample of this stuff and wanted to see this product was still effective at long term use. What we have here are 10 packets of Rem 8.0 and I am going to be giving them a run for their money! About me...
  13. TheSaiyan

    Shred Her

    Okay guys I need 1 lucky lady to log our natural fat burner, Shred Her. I know chance might be slim but I'm going to leave this up for a week or so. If you know someone interested (wife/significant other/etc) pm me and we will see what we can work out. This is going to be a typical log...
  14. TheSaiyan

    Stop stimul8-ing my jimmies

    Alright so thanks Edje and the Finaflex team for setting me up for my first beta test! Have 10 servings of Stimul8 and I'm surprised that its Apple! (Where's the grape?) But anyway gonna try it in a bit after I make some protein fluff! Cool packaging btw
  15. TheSaiyan

    Athletix Stim Preworkout (Acute Fx)

    So I totally forgot about the Stim review because I was so excited with how much I enjoyed the Non Stim. Here is a quote I posted in the promo thread "the stim is pretty good, ill have a review up shortly but I overslept for class on Tuesday Popped the caps in 8 ounces and it kicked me in...
  16. TheSaiyan


    So we are having ANOTHER sale on Nutra :bigeyes: Right now you can pick up 40 servings of our preworkout for $19.91! :thumbsup: Here's the link: NLA Performance Supp-D (40 servings): Discount Supp-D Supplements Now all you need is your wallet! Enjoy, Stephen
  17. TheSaiyan

    ANS Ritual Review

    So thanks SP for the hook up! Got 4 little bad boys of ANS Ritual, quick look at the profile and you will see 2 scoops gives you proven ingredients at full dosages. 3.2 g Beta Alanine 3 g Creatine 2.5 g Betaine 3 g L-Citrulline and a gram of Agmatine Intial expectations before taking...
  18. TheSaiyan


    I have: TRADED 1 bottle Anabeta Elite TRADED SOLD 3 bottles Natadrol SOLD I would like daa products (preferably dpol), bcaa's and preworkouts (Speed X3, Muscle Marinade, Origin) If interested in straight to purchasing simply Dm an offer and I'm sure we can agree on something fair.
  19. TheSaiyan

    Super Awesome NLA Promo

    Howdy guys! So you know we at NLA Performance like giving back to the community so right now I have 4 log opps open! THE GOODIES 2 Supp-D 2 T-Blast So to choose the 4 lucky members we are gonna have a little contest. Rules: -400 post count minimum -18 years and older -Live in the US...
  20. TheSaiyan


    Right now on the Planet Supp-D is on sale for 19.88! This is an excellent opportunity for those on the fence or are looking to replace their current supplementation with something different! Supp-D offers great focus, pumps and vascularity and has been formulated to have amazing synergy with...