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  1. manifesto

    Severe Calf/Shin Pumps on Cycle

    As I post this, I am walking back from my planned 4 mile run. I made it a mile in and calves filled up with so much blood I could barely move them. I am currently on a blast of 400mg test cyp/week. 3 weeks in. No orals yet. I love the pumps in the gym, but I need to be able to run fast. I have...
  2. manifesto

    Testosterone Levels TRT/ BLAST ideas

    What do testosterone ng/dl levels look like on cycle high test cycle? For a typical 400mg - 500mg test cyp cycle...just curious. I just did bloodwork one day after a 125mg test cyp test was 1800 ng/nl... I thought this was crazy high for that amount of test IM injected. My test...
  3. manifesto

    Inhibit P as Staple

    I'm sorry. I know this has been addressed, but I dint have time to look through a bunch of threads... Can Ingibit P be taken year around? Does it need to be cycled off? It is obviously very affordable...just want to make a healthy decision
  4. manifesto

    Legit Var?

    Anyone have experience with this brand?
  5. manifesto

    TRT concerns...

    I was diagnosed with hypogonadism about 1 month ago. My total T at the time was 101 ng/dl. My primary care doctor started me on 200 mg Test Cypionate EOW with bloodwork in between. I received a 200mg Testosterone Cypionate shot 1 week ago. I got blood work yesterday and my total testosterone...
  6. manifesto

    TRT Log

    I have been feeling pretty tired lately, and anxiety levels have been through the roof... I went to the doctor and got blood work done. My testosterone was 101 ng/dl. And my TSH was .74...and no I'm not taking any pro hormones or steroids. I'm pretty worried about this and I'm hoping my doc...
  7. manifesto

    Cycle Support Supps (necessary?)

    Does anyone ever doubt the necessity of these on cycle? Aside from the liver support, I'm not really sure these are necessary.... If these herbal supps are that effective in helping cholesterol, prostate health, BP, heart health, liver health,etc....why aren't people taking them all the time...
  8. manifesto


    Can this be taken at 2 pills/day and see results? Or, is it necessary to take 4... My main goal is to preserve muscle mass and gain strength while losing fat.
  9. manifesto

    inhibit e/ inhibit p

    Is it ok to stack these? I have some symptoms of high estro. I wanted to attack it from both angles. I'm not on cycle or pct. All natural
  10. manifesto

    Super Dmz Rx 3.0

    I saw on your website you still have it for sale...i thought it was illegal now?
  11. manifesto

    Norcorene and Alcohol

    I know the obvious side effects of alcohol on body composition, and the side effects of combining a stimulant with a depressant... but is there any problem with having a couple drinks, in moderation, while I'm taking Norcodrene? This would not be a daily occurrence, but more of a one time...
  12. manifesto

    Norcodrene Question

    Is there anyway Norcodrene can cause a false positive for anything on a drug test? Sorry if this has already been addressed.
  13. manifesto

    Ketogenic Diet Cut w/ 11-oxo

    Summary I am starting this log to help me keep track of my daily routine, and also keep track of my progress. I started this process last Friday (3/14/14). I have lifted on and off over the last several years. I have been out of the gym recently for around a year or so. I had a family member...
  14. manifesto

    Prolactin with DAA

    Has anyone had to use prolactin control while taking Testforce 2 or any other DAA?
  15. manifesto

    Prolactin with DAA

    Has anyone had to use prolactin control while taking Testforce 2 or any other DAA?
  16. manifesto

    erase with other test booster

    I was wondering if it would be ok to take erase with phytotest from primordial performance? I just want to make sure it would not be redundant....
  17. manifesto

    Sustain Alpha and Lean Xtreme

    Ok to stack....?
  18. manifesto

    Lean Xtreme Question

    I have been running LX for about a week now, and can already notice a difference. I have a couple bottles of Sustain Alpha from PP that I am interested in running alongside LX.... Is there any problem with taking Sustain Alpha with Lean Xtreme?
  19. manifesto

    Cycle Assist Question

    I was wondering why I see people dosing their cycle assist separate from their prohormones? I have seen people try to get 4 hours of separation on different logs? What is the reasoning for this?
  20. manifesto

    Order Inquiry

    How do I check the status of my order. I placed an order around 1 week ago and have not received it yet.... How long do your guys' orders normally take to arrive/