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  1. Sheriff Morri

    Some thoughts on superdrol

    Interesting to see what gains are kept after the water retention calms down. I was gonna run SD 10mg for 3 weeks and attempt 20mg for a further 4 depending on how I tolerate sides.
  2. Sheriff Morri

    Tbol, Sust and Deca.

    Looking bigger mate. Good going.
  3. Sheriff Morri

    Ive been on MK677 everyday for 3 years straight

    I dont have any joint pain except an issue with my knee. It hasn’t helped that in any way but I didn’t expect it to.
  4. Sheriff Morri

    Ive been on MK677 everyday for 3 years straight

    I enjoy it and don’t seem to have any of the water retention issues. I certainly feel it while I’m using for those 8 days. A bigger feeling, more full. My sleep is a tad better (it isn’t a miracle drug) and I’m happy with my recovery. I haven’t noticed any benefit of fat loss however that’s...
  5. Sheriff Morri

    Ive been on MK677 everyday for 3 years straight

    I’ve been following the 8 on 4 off protocol for about 2 months. Going to get my blood sugar levels checked shortly to see if there’s anything to worry about.
  6. Sheriff Morri

    My 1 year 4 month transformation

    Well done man. Awesome transformation.
  7. Sheriff Morri

    Best composition scales

    I appreciate the reply buddy. I know they aren’t the most accurate. What I’m hoping for is something that is decent and that will give me a decent base reading and that I can work from. Have you found any that are consistent with their readings and at least show changes in the body composition
  8. Sheriff Morri

    Best composition scales

    I am in the market for a new set of scales for the house. Just wondering what you guys use and how accurate they actually are. I'm torn between the Garmin Index smart scale (I already use garmin connect for my running and workouts) and the Tanita RD953 . As always, any help is welcomed.
  9. Sheriff Morri

    Now for something completely different

    So glad to hear about your progress big fella. You are an absolute inspiration buddy.
  10. Sheriff Morri

    Tbol, Sust and Deca.

    In for this one. Looking good already man so this should be interesting
  11. Sheriff Morri

    AG's Trenbolone Blast

    Amazing log my friend. Really enjoyed it. Before and after pic would be great to be able to see the transformation 🙌👏👏👏👏
  12. Sheriff Morri

    MK-677 (Somatozine by MA Labs) Blood Work Attached

    By what means do you check it? Do you have a monitor in the house??
  13. Sheriff Morri

    MK-677 (Somatozine by MA Labs) Blood Work Attached

    My protocol is going to be 5 on 2 off. So basically mon-fri. I started around 3 weeks ago to fall in with my PCT. I will be getting a blood test for diabetes mid January to see how my blood sugars are and I can work out from there how the compound is treating me. I’m hoping the 5 on 2 off...
  14. Sheriff Morri

    Eddie vs Thor?

    Who would win a fight, a trex or King Kong ffs mate get a grip and at least keep it in the general chat section.
  15. Sheriff Morri

    Ive been on MK677 everyday for 3 years straight This was a great thread. Mike Arnold himself advice is great on taking mk677 for a few days then off. 4 on 2 off or 8 on and 4 off.
  16. Sheriff Morri

    T-nation is against mk677? do you agree?

    I would always suggest going to your usual UGL
  17. Sheriff Morri


    Ideally go to your usual UGL and see if they sell mk677. I’ve tried 2 OTC brands and were both absolute bunk with zero benefits. Tried Dark Ghosts mk677 and felt the sleeping and appetite benefits within a few days. Only 10 days in so looking forward to seeing further benefits going forward.
  18. Sheriff Morri

    Best PCT supplement

    Dude this is one of the most common questions that’s asked. As said above you need a serm as the prohormones will shut down your natural testosterone the same (if not worse)than an AAS. Over the counter PCT are useless and could result in losing any progress you gained during your cycle not to...
  19. Sheriff Morri

    Witch’s Log

    My evening g reading sorted tonight then hahaha
  20. Sheriff Morri

    Witch’s Log

    Sharing his wife!!!! Definitely missed all that nonsense mate. Smoking meth!!!! Definitely missed all that too! It appears I may have got the wrong impression of the chap.