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  1. tregar

    MK677 + palumbo bodybuilder keto diet + intermittent fasting routine & results

    Have been on intermittent fasting 8/16 (eat 1st 8 hours of day, don't eat the other 16 hours) for a year. Age = 49, been lifting since my 20's. Absolutely love it, never felt or looked better, and strength in gym best it has ever been, surpassed all previous records. On TRT at 210 a week...
  2. tregar

    Palumbo ketogenic diet: Maintain & Cut with mk677

    Palumbo ketogenic diet: Maintain & Cut with mk677 Special thanks to warlock for his expertise on the Palumbo diet, which is what I was using for years, but never realized it existed with a name, and had been used by Pro Palumbo to shred bodybuilders. Have to look good at the waterpark during...
  3. tregar

    T-nation is against mk677? do you agree?

    Posted by Landmonster: Article by Christian Thibideaux. Surprisingly, is against the use of Mk-677. Here is his quote, verbatim. "What About MK-667? While it's not a SARM – it's an orally effective peptide – it's often put in the same boat because it's sold at the same places and is taken...
  4. tregar

    Bloodwork study of 4iu GH vs peptides & MK677 (similar to 2-3 iu GH)

    Compilation of MK677 bloodwork results What we are finding is that some people using MK677 and having bloodwork done are testing around the equivalent of 3iu of GH, and some lucky individuals are testing as high as the equivalent of 4iu of GH. I had baseline IGF-1 bloodwork done (227), tested...
  5. tregar

    What happened to the conversions forum?

    Been gone for about half a year, wondering where the 'conversions' forum went... the posts by 'kitchen chemist'...brewing up a storm.
  6. tregar

    60 minutes program tonight on HGH

    Tonight (Sunday) at 6pm, 60 minutes will run a story on an older bodybuilder who claims to have found the fountain of youth in a tiny syringe he was injecting into the fatty pinched skin of his abdomen, saw clips throughout the day (Sat) promoting the story.
  7. tregar

    60 minutes tomorrow--HGH

    Looks like 60 minutes will have a segment on HGH and anti-aging medicine this Sunday.
  8. tregar

    Micronizing powders with mortar/pestal

    Attempts to make a test suspension failed because the test base crystal powder is too large. The powder would not dissolve in the BA/BB/polysorbate 80 in the vial in a pan of hot water that was taken off a stove burner brought to boiling. Off to get a mortar & pestal. For those of you who...