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  1. nikosktm

    brawn h drol stack with fat burner

    so hi guyz... i just ordered 3 bottles of brawn hdrol, i think its legit from some reviews . i decided to run this instead of sarm's . my goal is to lose some fat and even add 2 -3 pounds of muscle if i can. also i want to stack this with a fat burner cause im stim junkie and iwant also...
  2. nikosktm

    german pharma sarms

    hi guys.. im thinking to stock up some supps for future cycles.. does anyone knows if german's pharma sarms are legit?? im interesting for rad osta max and lgd ultra..their new prohormones are not actually prohormones now but i saw some old threads and their old staff was legit as i can see
  3. nikosktm

    Unanswered water in my brawn 6 bromo bottle

    hi guys i got a problem.. when i was trying to open the bottle , accidentaly i threw little water inside to the bottle . the capsules seem dry . what i should do? should i buy another bottle or i can use this with no problem?
  4. nikosktm

    Unanswered Post cycle matrix fusion

    hi mates does anyone knows if fusions post cycle matrix is legit??? i want to stock some supps for the winter and this sup (6 bromo with atd) seems badass
  5. nikosktm

    Unanswered MAN sports nolvadren xt powder version

    has anyone tried the powder version of nolvadren xt ?its tha same with the og capsule version without the 2 cortisol ingredients
  6. nikosktm

    Unanswered 6 bromo atd fusion or brawn!

    hi guys has any of you try at this moment brawn's or fusion's 6 bromo or atd?? which one is legit ? after the predator olympus uk bunk phs im thinking to order again from them and look for alternative choices ..
  7. nikosktm

    Unanswered ephedrine hcl uk question

    hi guys im looking to try real ephedrine hcl and i found at uk stores 2different ephedrine products :1)diamond labs eca, 2)vst dymetadrine . does anyone knows if these products are legit ??? thx in addition! unfortunately i used ephedra extract and is not good at all
  8. nikosktm

    fat loss and a little mass sarm stack?

    hi guys ! im ready to order some sarms for my next cycle!after a sh1t hdrol cycle (olympus uk) i want to try a sarm beginner and mild stack for summer! im thinking to do rad-ostarine or lgd ostarine ! do yoy have any other suggestions for what else can i add ( a stim free fatburner or even...
  9. nikosktm

    new olympus labs prohormones

    hi to all.. i saw at an UK store new OLYMPUS LABS UK prohormones (epistane halodrol m sten and superdrol) .. sooo this is a come back...!! my only concern is that epistane got only 60 caps instead of 120 caps (old version ) very happy if they are legit like the old !
  10. nikosktm

    my first bloods!help plz

    ok guys so im ready for my first ever real cycle(my first cycle was 11 andro brawn at 800 mg but i stop this after 4weeks cause i found that 11 oxo and actually brawn is a bunk!after that i do a mini pct with alphamax xt (performax labs) im on 3 week of test booster and i want a help with my...
  11. nikosktm

    epistane(havoc) vs RAD 140 EPIANDRO STACK FOR BEGINNER

    okay guys i need your help ... IM 24 years old 5'4 71 kg 6 years training ,and i want to do a mild first cycle for 6 weeks . my goal is to lose some fat and get some lean mass if is possible... im between epistane vs rad 140 sup3r epi stack.what are your opinion about rad 140 for first...
  12. nikosktm

    ephedrine hcl to europe

    as the title says .. does anyone knows if and where can i find legit ephedrine hcl or sulfate in europe? my girlfriend is ready for cutting and we cant order out of europe .. help guys !
  13. nikosktm

    new prohormones immortal strength

    hi guys . today i was looking for some PH's and i saw at a UK site this brand (immortal strength) .. i think this is the same brand with the sarms brand immortal science ,and they got epistane ,h-drol ,and an epistane Tren stack.. with 120 capsules per bottle so i bet that at least h drol 1...
  14. nikosktm

    11 andro brawn -x factor molecular stack

    ok guys im thinking to start a stack for recomp .. i will use x factor (ara) +11 andro 400-500 mg (max) for 2 months. about pct im thinking clomid 25/25 (2 weeks ) and a natty test booster like MAN sports delta xt .what do you think guys !also what is the right dosage of x factor
  15. nikosktm

    rize (new driven sports preworkout)

    hi guys does anyone got any info about the new DS's pre workout???? some say that will be very stim strong ,but i bet that it will be not so good as the old craze .... :p
  16. nikosktm

    arimistane or another AI stack with ghar1ne(mk 677) .any benefits for clean bulk????

    What do you think guys ??from august i will up my calories and im thinking about this stack with 2 different but hot products
  17. nikosktm

    2 months cutting stack

    ok guys im planning for my june -july cutting stack and i want a help with my plan .. 1 bottle 3,5 diiodo t2(muscle rage unlimited ) for one moth 2 bottles elim1nate for 2 months or fusion supplements arimistane plus(this is the old erase pro) 2 bottles M TEST(CEL) OR test1fy OL for 2...
  18. nikosktm

    atd stack with fat burner

    hi guys ! i want to order my april cutting stack and im thinking about to stack ATD (fusion) as standalone with a strong fat burner with yohimbine and dmaa,and a test booster like activate extreme ,for one month! what do you think? is there any problem with this stack? an AI with a fat burner???
  19. nikosktm

    new to prohormones! spartan hard vs cynostane

    hi guys .. im new on ph .. all these years im using only creatine protein and yohimbine... the only <anabolic supplement>> which i have ever using is mk 677 .now i want to do a cycle with a very mild prohormone with aa very low shut down.. im between sparta hard( 1 andro -epiandro...