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  1. solidsnake

    Unanswered oral trest vs td

    as i cant find oral trest anywhere im now considering oral trest instead so im looking for opinions from people who have tried both in terms of results and sides. give me your opinions guys... cheers
  2. solidsnake

    Unanswered Td trest

    Is it only me that can’t find a single place in Europe selling transdermal trest? Everyone is out of stock!
  3. solidsnake

    Td var

    So I’ve got some nice var raws and was thinking of knocking up a batch of Td anavar. Possibly with a small amount of test What’s your thoughts guys?
  4. solidsnake

    1 testosterone

    cant seem to find an answer for this but is 1 test the same as dhb but without the cyp ester? and if so would it work in the same way?
  5. solidsnake

    Bloodshr3d black magic reviews

    So looking for reviews on the above. Loved raw edition but not loving war edition even with 2 caps of ol raw added it doesn’t feel the same So can you guys who have tried the raw edition and bm edition please give me some honest reviews Cheers
  6. solidsnake

    Reumatoid arthritis

    Ok so one of my best mates has been diagnosed with reumatoid arthritis and he doesn’t want to take the prescription stuff they’ve recommended as he loves cycling. So I said I would help him with a list of anabolics that would possibly help with it.. So come guys what’s your opinions? Aas and...
  7. solidsnake

    Uk Modafinil

    Looking for advice from any of my buddies on here from the uk that have tried Modafinil? Give me your experiences
  8. solidsnake

    Is my var something else

    So I’ve started a cut with 75mg of var from a reputable eu lab and a Td mix I made myself with phlojel ultra, raw test ace and tren ace (I threw the tren in as it came as a gift with my test and there wasn’t a lot) The Td mix equates to 125mg/ml test and 25mg/ml tren Anyway 5 days in, woke up...
  9. solidsnake

    Spurfys anavar + serm theory experience

    For you guys who read about spurfys anavar and serm theory you’ll be interested in what I’ve learnt so far. I decided to put it to the test as I like the idea of no suppression and the only gains you get are mainly keepable solid muscle. Instead of deflating after pct. we all do it. Let’s face...
  10. solidsnake

    What happened to the epistane thread?

    Was it because a store was mentioned that has the same name as Arnold swarzenegger film?
  11. solidsnake

    Advice on planning test

    Ok guys here’s the dilema. I work offshore so no pins.normally I take test sus Td with me, however when I arrive home I’m going to carry on my cycle but pinning whilst at home for 4 weeks( 4 weeks on/off work rotation) gonna jab prop when I get back but before I go I was thinking of undecanoate...
  12. solidsnake

    Td superdrol

    Anyone ever seen or heard of transdermal superdrol?
  13. solidsnake

    Advice on cycling gh and mk677

    Hi guys seem as I didn’t have any responses on the gh/igf1 page I thought I’d post it here on Anabolics; As some of you guys know, I work offshore and therefore can’t pin when I’m at work so I’ve toying with the idea of pinning gh at Home and when I go to work taking mk677, does anyone else do...
  14. solidsnake

    Advice on cycling mk and gh

    As some of you guys know, I work offshore and therefore can’t pin when I’m at work so I’ve toying with the idea of pinning gh at Home and when I go to work taking mk677, does anyone else do this? Is it worth it? Give me your thoughts guys [emoji1303]
  15. solidsnake

    Why can’t I comment

    On the “news” section. I’ve seen In the past a few comments but I don’t see no option to give my opinion. Why not?! Im sure most of it maybe true but sometimes things need to be debated on. It grinds my gears...
  16. solidsnake

    Ol sup3r shred

    Any feed back guys? Was gonna do a nice order at nutriverse but wanted to see what the feedback is like? Any comments aprreciated [emoji106]?
  17. solidsnake

    MyFitnessPal apps

    Hey guys anyone know if there's an work out app similar to jetfit that syncs with myfitnesspal? Can't seem to find one
  18. solidsnake

    Any 1 steppers left out there

    So does anyone know if there's any 1 step precursors to 1 or 4 ad left out there?
  19. solidsnake

    Mega expensive shipping

    Ok I didn't get a reply via email so I'll ask on here. I was gonna place a good sized order on the sss website and when I got to check out the shipping was 44 gbp! The combined weight of everything I ordered probably wouldn't even reach 1 k. Can you not come up with better shipping options? It's...
  20. solidsnake

    Anyone cycled lgd 3303 yet?

    Well, have you? I'm curious as there's not much info yet apart from a guy on Reddit who posted his bloods too...