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  1. BigNutz

    Ultima feedback thread

    I havent seen this posted anywhere so here goes. I know its only been about a week, but Im assuming everyone who purchased the NEW Ultima is using it. Im curious to find out your opinions of the product, especially those of you that have used the first version. It may be too soon to tell, but...
  2. BigNutz

    Wings shirt question???

    Why only x-large? I want one but im a med/large. Any plans on future sizes? Thanks.
  3. BigNutz

    Trinitine back!!!

    Im not a rep or affiliated with the company, but I didnt see it, so here goes: Trinitine is back in stock!!!!! :006::006::006::006::006:
  4. BigNutz

    AP and pancreatits...

    I just spent the last day in the hospital with acute pancreatitis (they think), i was wondering if I should discontinue AP and/or Recreate and why? Thanks.
  5. BigNutz

    Pleasently Suprised

    I ordered the AP, Recreate combo from Nutraplanet mainly because I used AP for one bottle and had fantastic results. After I ordered it I was disapointed to notice that Recreate contains Forslean (which makes me feel like complete CRAP), but when I got it and checked the ingredients.... no...
  6. BigNutz

    For Sale: Scivation Lipid FX (Fat Loss)

    New sealed bottle. Make me an offer. [CLASSIFIED1395]
  7. BigNutz

    MAN Blueprint back in stock???

    ETA? Thanks.
  8. BigNutz

    Atomic Meltdown!

    I ordered the trial size and must say I am impressed. This stuff smells GREAT! Living in Florida Im in the sun tanning/fishing all the time so I will update on its effectiveness in that regard as well.
  9. BigNutz

    MAGNESIUM: The Ultimate fat loss supplemet!!

    Just dropped a pound sitting down :dump: thanks to 200mg. magnesium oxide twice a day!!!! Shows you how undersoded all these "kitchen sink" type supps, multi's and pre-workout drinks, really are!
  10. BigNutz

    Here we go!!!

    I just got my Napalm in today, thanks DPS!, and just applied it for the first time ten minutes ago. Im psyched about this stuff, never used a topical before and have heard great reviews of it! Anyway, it feels already that it works. Nice and cool feeling. Im not starting a log or anything but...
  11. BigNutz

    Any Recreate samples?

    Would like to give it a try! Thanks.
  12. BigNutz

    For Sale: MST Somnidren (Miscellaneous Products)

    $15.00 shipped, 15 of 20 doses left in bottle. [CLASSIFIED465]
  13. BigNutz

    For Sale: Scivation Lipid FX (Fat Loss)

    Sealed bottle, $25.00 shipped [CLASSIFIED464]
  14. BigNutz

    LR Sample

    I requested it through the website and nothing. This was a while ago. I never buy stims until Ive tried them first, I would really like to try this one due to all the positive feedback. HELP. :wave:
  15. BigNutz

    Who else?

    Seeing as how NP ran out of it already (no big shock there, right?) I was curious who might else be carrying CordygenV02? Also, what do I have to do to get DPS to carry you guys stuff, Ive emailed them from 3 different email addressess demanding they carry your stuff! I spend a shitload on...
  16. BigNutz

    Website Issue

    Is there an issue with the website, its not letting me change my shipping preference? Thanks.
  17. BigNutz

    Somnidren question?

    What ingredient(s) are causing what I can only describe as a clarity of thought. Im able to recall faces Ive forgotten about from long ago in great clarity and just very clear thinking. Like to find out whats causing this and take it as a stand alone.
  18. BigNutz

    NEW Product Idea

    Since you guys are my favorite supplement company I'll give you this one. LOL. How about a all-natural BCAA product (drink)? NO artificial colors or sweeteners. I mean all of this powder your drinking while you lift, why not make sure only healthy stuff is going in your body? If you could make...
  19. BigNutz

    WTF? Thermoglide!

    So I ordered a stick of Thermoglide from NP and when I got it today, its the consistency of sand? Theres got to be a problem right? Or do I assume Im supposed to rub dirt all over myself and leave it. LOL. Not trying to be rude, just wondering if I got a defective product. I thought it was...
  20. BigNutz

    Somnidren question.

    So they sent me a sample of this and I used it last night. Ive used it once before and its awesome, actually just ordered a tub (dam MST gonna take all my money. J/k). I noticed an increase in sex drive while laying awake under the influence of this stuff. What could that be caused by?