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  1. oufinny

    PES goes above and beyond for me

    I wanted to post this as a thank you to PES for going above and beyond on an order I placed in December last year. I bought 3 tubs of the new protein and though it showed delivered with the POD, my condo office had no record of receipt. I contacted them after the holiday, nearly 4 weeks later...
  2. oufinny

    OUFINNY runs some Finaflex PX Black to lean up before cycle time!

    I want to thank Finaflex for letting me run their new Pro-X Black. I am planning on doing a 2-3 times a week updated log. Currently I am dealing with some challenges so it will be un-interesting to post lots of cardio and rehabilitation style workouts (trust me, they bore me to do!). Diet...
  3. oufinny

    Better FormaSurge batch

    Guys, I feel obliged to post this because it is a great development. Just received my new bottle of FormaSurge this week and the consistency is MUCH improved. It is not as watery, the formestane seems to be much more micronized and it seems to dry faster. Kuddos to BPS for listening and making...
  4. oufinny

    More Combustion???? Oh I tell the truth, click here...

    Guys, I didn't realize this until I was seeing the ridiculous price on Dermacrine pre-sale, but there is still Combustion in stock. Many love this stuff, I sure do, don't miss out at $19.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bulk Performance Solutions Combustion (90 Capsules): Discount Combustion...
  5. oufinny

    Forerunner Labs EPIC - OUFINNY does a log after a LONG break

    First I want to thank FRL for the opportunity, I ran across the promo and really liked what I read... apparently one sentence was enough! Royd, appreciate the trust man, this will be kept up to date I promise and I more than likely will add some pics at the end. Lots has happened since I did a...
  6. oufinny

    BPS Combustion still the lowest price ever!

    Guys, the Combustion/Shift stack is sold out but you can still save a bundle on just Combustion right now. Combustion (90 Capsules) Manufactured By: Bulk Performance Solutions Click To Enlarge Price: $24.95 Availability: In Stock, Ships in 1-2...
  7. oufinny

    HUGE BPS Halloween Sale - Prices so low they are scary!

    No sugar coating, $19.99 for EndoSurge and Combustion on the BPS site guys. Here are the links for each and please note, stock on BPS EndoSurge is low so get on this before it sells out. BulkPerformanceSolutions...
  8. oufinny

    SAN Fierce review by OUFINNY - 4 workouts and two flavors

    Thanks to SAN and Poison for sending me 4 samples of Fierce, especially the multiple flavors. First impression, this is strong and provides excellent focus to finish your workouts. Here is a short breakdown based on two cardio days and two lifting days. Stims/Focus - Excellent stimulation...
  9. oufinny

    Double dose of NeedToBuildMuscle Transderm meet OUFINNY for 8 week domination!

    Thanks to NTBM and RickRock13, I am going to be able to do a log of NTBM/RS Transderm for 8 weeks at double the dose, yes that would be 10 pumps per day for 60 days. I have my own bottle and NTBM was nice enough to donate one to me as well, should make for an awesome recomp. The plan is to...
  10. oufinny

    New BPS Rep on AM: OUFINNY joining the BPS Team, contest inside!!!!!

    After speaking with some of the people from BPS I am very happy to join the team here at AM. BPS is a great company and the lack of prop blends has ALL of my attention as I believe that is the way it should be on all supplements! That said, from now on I will be joining Resolve to help all of...
  11. oufinny

    No ingredient information on your topical fat loss product

    I checked your website and could not find an ingredient list, kindly post the label please.
  12. oufinny

    OUFINNY gets pumped and Mesorphed with APS!

    Now that I have finished the NTBM contest, it is time to meet my log obligation to APS with Creatine Nitrate and Mesomorph. I will post my pictures here since they are current and then we can compare at the end of the log. Today was the first REALLY good workout I have had in a while, Meso has...
  13. oufinny

    NP Divanex??? Ever coming back?

    I just saw this is not in stock,any plans of bringing it back NP? I would like to get a few for some AndroHard runs to keep the prostate in check and this is the only full spectrum supplement I have found. Let me know please!!!!
  14. oufinny

    For Sale: 3 bottles of LG Natadrol plus 1 T-911! (Muscle Builders)

    I have 3 bottles of LG Natadrol and 1 bottle of T-911 for you guys. It works very well I just went to the dark side and don't have a use for it anymore. Don't miss out, it is great for recomp or cutting. [CLASSIFIED2000]
  15. oufinny

    AI Cycle Support 2.0 Risks - Drop the Saw Palmetto

    Ok, to all you cycle support manufacturers out there... STOP WITH THE DAMN SAW PALMETTO. I cut myself shaving, should take 2-3 minutes with a tissue to stop bleeding, no big deal. Uh no, been a FREAKING HOUR and it still is dribbling, more like steady as I have a drop on my shirt now when I...
  16. oufinny

    OUFINNY transformation with NeedToBuildMuscle and MrSupps!!!

    This is just too cool a challenge to pass up and to be honest, I miss logging and have the constant positive feedback from you guys. That said, and Volcs words of encouragement have brought me to enter myself into this. I need to get all the stats for you guys, weight was 202 this morning so...
  17. oufinny


    Just an fyi, Stoked is on sale right now on wheycheap. Never seen it for under $20, well it is now. Thought I would pass on the word to all the AI fans. :hitit:
  18. oufinny

    My first cycle - planning stages for January

    My first cycle - planning stages for January What's going on guys? There are a lot of really smart people here that know more about hormonal compounds then I do and you all are who I want to query so I get this right the first time. Here is the plan so far and it will grow/change as I get...
  19. oufinny

    I am leaving LG

    Guys I wanted to let everyone know that I will be leaving LG due to life taking too much time and not letting me be of the service I need to for LG. It has been a lot of fun working with you guys and helping those that I could. Of course I will still be on AM though I won't be able to post as...
  20. oufinny

    OUFINNY'S get Primed and Pink for some advanced HST!

    So many of you have followed my logs and this one is a non-sponsored training log to keep me on track and hopefully undo some of the damage my bad decisions in my diet have done. I am going to put together an advanced progression HST routine with the help of MrKleen that will go something to...