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    ******Black Lion Research Newsletter/ product updates******

    That’s a hell of a way to close out 2018, exciting!
  2. nicksox15

    Newbie Posts First Log—Vector and Follidrone 2.0

    Agreed here, just hitting the stride with those. Second-third month is where they really shine
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    BLR Vector Log! (Unsponsored)

    Wow, that is great!
  4. nicksox15

    Newbie Posts First Log—Vector and Follidrone 2.0

    Excited to see the body comp results! Seems like he stack has been helping out for sure! Coupled with your hard work, it’s quite the combo!
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    Spine Issues

    I just got a call with MRI results for my lower back, and all they would tell me is I have a disc bulge with narrowing of the spine. Getting referred to a pain/spine doc to go over it but not sure how long I’ll have to wait. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this? Pain is pretty bad, in...
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    FOLLIDRONE 2.0 FAQ Updated follidrone writeup and info***

    It’s definitely a fantastic stack. Taking em separate to compare against each other isn’t really necessary as they are different products with pathways. But your initial plan is fine too, give you some time to see what follidrone does for you, and you can just run that straight into the stack...
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    Newbie Posts First Log—Vector and Follidrone 2.0

    Damn dude I’m not surprised yesterday’s workout got you sore! Kicking butt in here sir.
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    Newbie Posts First Log—Vector and Follidrone 2.0

    Another good workout! As far as your question, I always dose both vector and follidrone the Same on both lift days and off days.
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    Newbie Posts First Log—Vector and Follidrone 2.0

    Awesome intro sir! In to follow along and be inspired
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    BLR Vector Log! (Unsponsored)

    You’re gonna love that combo dude, so good. And yea, don’t beat yourself up over a few cheats. Life happens to the best of us. Post your outlines here so we can check em out!
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    VECTOR transformation contest thread!!!!#$%

    Gotta go with DJ as well but everyone did great!
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    Vector, Follidrone 2.0 log/ Show prep log.

    Hell yea man, glad you had a good time! You worked your butt off and it sounds like you’re going to continue doing that. Been fun to follow along!
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    Vector Log - FEMALE

    I actually prefer enlightened to halo top as well
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    VECTOR transformation contest thread!!!!#$%

    Finally able to see pics again, haha these are amazing
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    BLR Vector Log! (Unsponsored)

    In! And yea, the hunger is real! You’re pretty early in your run as well and most notice that pretty immediately
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    Vector Log - FEMALE

    Third! Looking forward to see how this treats you
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    How much are you eating as well? But definitely drink more water than you normally would too
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    For me hunger was up for the whole run. I gained weight while leaning out though so it was all good for me. Went from a 34 waist to 32. While putting on 5ish lbs and essentially eating at maintenance
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    Vector Review from Modern Athletic Health

    Nice write up!
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    In the Mail ....

    How the heck you swing those for $15??