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  1. jimbuick

    Jim's Super Soldier Training Log

    Alright folks, I've been a ghost on the forum for too long now, and it's time for me to get back on the saddle and start training hard again. Since the semester ended, I've been off and on with training and have not really had a solid direction that I wanted to take my training in. But that's...
  2. jimbuick

    Jim's White Warped Log (CL Sponsored)

    The Product Just to kick things off then, a big shout out to Hyde for giving me the opportunity to give this product a shot. The product is Controlled Labs White Warped which is their new pre-workout offering. My bottle is the Strawberry Jellybean flavor, and it arrived on Saturday. I've...
  3. jimbuick

    Jim's Vegan Peanut Butter Delight Review

    Ok, so LTL and PES sent me a tub of the new flavor of Vegan Select to review. I have now used it 6 different times, mostly as a shake (because that is how I use protein powder), and feel comfortable giving a review of the flavor. This is the only Vegan protein I have tried and it is also the...
  4. jimbuick

    Jim Logs BPS' Brawn (Laxogenin)

    So, BPS and lukehayd offered me a chance to log the new laxogenin product that they recently released. The product is called Brawn and is 100mg of laxogenin per cap (recommended 1-2 caps a day). I've not used a laxogenin supplement before, and I actually have not used much of anything in...
  5. jimbuick

    Jim's Experience with CL White Flood Reborn (newest formula)

    Didn't plan on logging anything, but Sean needed a few more loggers and asked me if I'd run a log for him so here we are. Have been sitting on the product for a little too long, but better late than never. A little background for those that don't follow me on here: Army veteran...
  6. jimbuick


    Found these 4 sealed original formula AminoIV in my supplement closet today. I will not use them anytime soon, and would be willing to sell or trade. 2 Cherry Limeade 2 Blueberry Burst These expired on 09/15 but have been kept indoors and the seals have not been broken so they should...
  7. jimbuick

    Condensing my Training.

    First, this will not be a traditional training log. I've used Condense many times over the last year or so, and my thoughts on it are well documented. Recently, Grambo gave me the opportunity to try one of the new flavors (sangria lemonade, specifically). So I will review that, I used my first...
  8. jimbuick

    Jim's Powerlifting Training

    So, I'm getting back into Powerlifting more seriously so I figured it would be in my best interest to make a more accurate training log to reflect that. I've been fairly lazy updating my training online, so I'm going to try and be better about updating regularly. My last meet was around this...
  9. jimbuick

    Jim's Back and Everything has Changed....

    Alright, so as I mentioned, I'm finally back. Got the shed out up, got the equipment put together, and can finally get back to training. My goals have changed since finding out my back is all jacked up, so I'm no longer on a mad dash to 300+# BW. I still want to be strong as ****, but I also...
  10. jimbuick

    Free T-shirt with ALL ORDERS + 25% off.

    For a limited time we are offering a free BPS tee with all orders from our home site This can be combined with code IG25 for 25% off! Don't forget the code BPS50 for 50% off your entire order if you don't want a shirt as only IG25 can be used to receive the free shirt!
  11. jimbuick

    DCP 2.1? Stay tuned....
  12. jimbuick

    BPS Clothing Line?!

    Let's just say that we at BPS are considering a clothing line (specifically T-shirts). Who here would be interested in having some of these to workout in?
  13. jimbuick

    What do we have here???

  14. jimbuick

    Jim Getting Pumped up with White Pump!

    OK, so as most of you know, I recently was chosen to log a bottle of the new product from Controlled Labs, White Pump. I've always been a pretty big fan of CL, especially with Green Magnitude and Orange Triad, so I was definitely interested when they were coming out with a new product. I'm a...
  15. jimbuick

    BPS Product Request Thread!!

    So, as most of you know, there are a TON of new products coming out this year from BPS. With a reformulated Cycle Guard, reformulated Combustion (recently released), MacaPro, Adrenosurge, and more to come. But what we want to know, is what do YOU want us to come out with. What type of...
  16. jimbuick

    BPS MacaPro!!!

    Look for it in ~2 weeks!
  17. jimbuick

    Official Combustion (New Formula) Write Up!

    So, as those of you who have seen us posting about this for the last couple of months know, the knew Combustion is finally ready for release! And with that release, comes all kinds of new information, some of you may have seen the ingredient profile linked in this forum, and I'm sure there are...
  18. jimbuick

    Be the First to try the NEW BPS Combustion!

    So, as some of you have seen, we have been hinting at a reformulation of Combustion being released in the near future. Well, we are finally ready to get a couple bottles to some initial loggers! So, I'm looking for 2 guys (or gals) that are willing to run a detailed log on the reformulated...
  19. jimbuick

    DCP 2.0 on a Bulk?!

    So, as many of you may know, DCP 2.0 is a very potent non stimmed fat loss product produced by BPS. But, what you may not know, is how well this product works to stave off fat gain during a bulk to increase the amount of muscle mass gained while minimizing fat gain! So, I'm sure many of you...
  20. jimbuick

    Join the BPS VIP List for Insider Info on all things BPS!

    We at BPS are making a push for more people to sign up for our VIP list where you can receive emails with insider information, exclusive deals, and all things BPS! So head over to Body Performance Solutions - High Quality Bodybuilding Supplement Line to sign up for the VIP List on the right...