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  1. USA FS Irvine Fit Crunch Bars

    Box of 12 Irvine Fit Crunch Bars. Peanut Butter flavor. These are the full size bars with 30g of protein. Best by date is 09/20/2019. $18 shipped.
  2. USA WTT PES Select Strawberry Cheesecake

    Sealed 2 pound tub of Select strawberry cheesecake. Original version with the strawberry pieces Want to trade for Select peanut butter cookie. TRADED
  3. USA FS/FT Protein

    IFN Protean Blueberry Muffin, 1.25 pounds BB.Com Whey Vanilla, 1.25 pounds BB.Com Whey Chocolate, 1.25 pounds I'd like to sell or trade these together. Open to trades for XF 2.0, PES PB Cookie, Nutrabio Horchata. IFN Red Velvet, Peak O2, Joint Support
  4. USA F/S PES Ergonine

    Three tubs of nanaberry Ergonine $45 shipped. Deal pending.
  5. USA Modern Creatine FS/FT

    USP Labs Modern Creatine x3 (fruit punch, lemon lime, unflavored) Open Nutrex Outrage pineapple strawberry (will ship in ziplock bag) $30 shipped or Trade for: Orange Triad + Greens, Greens/Reds, Peak O2, Beta Alanine, Joint Support, KM Hydracharge, Protein (XF, Nutrabio), Supplement company t...
  6. USA FS/FT Modern Creatine, Betaine, Aminos Lot

    I need to move some items I don't need or won't use anytime soon. Would prefer to trade/sell all at once. USP Labs Modern Creatine x 3, sealed Komodo betaine, sealed Nutrex Outrage pineapple strawberry, open MusclePharm Post Workout Gainz (bcaa, creatine hcl, and ba) raspberry . Past date but...
  7. USA FT CL Promore

    I picked up some XF on sale so I'd like to trade some of the other protein in my stash. Promore cinnamon bun, 2 pounds Promore snickerdoodle, 3 pounds Promore orange cream pop, 3 pounds Looking for: Orange Triad + Greens/OT Peak 02 Beta Alanine Greens, Reds Hydracharge CL Fish Oil Joint...
  8. USA Package deal

    Komodo Vaskular cherry lime, sealed Komodo Betaine, sealed Amino Recovery watermelon, open Nutrex Outrage, open $50 shipped. I might have some other odds and ends that I can throw in if they fit into the box.
  9. USA FS/FT High Volume, Vaskular, Betaine, Bars

    I have a few products I won't be using any time soon. PES High Volume (OG) Blue Frost (sealed) TRADED Komodo Vaskular Cherry Lime (sealed) Komodo Betaine (sealed) Modern Creatine flavored and unflavored (sealed) CL Venture Bars CCCD and CPB Amino Recovery (open) Looking for: Hydracharge Carbon...
  10. USA L Citrulline, Betaine

    Sealed Komodo L Citrulline x 2 Sealed Komodo Betaine $50 shipped.
  11. USA A few items for trade (protein, bars, l citrulline)

    Have: CL Venture Bars Sealed Komodo L Citrulliine Open Komodo Betaine BlueStar Wheysmooth chocolate covered banana (about 1-1.5 pounds I'm willing to part with) Want: IFN Red Velvet Cake, Mint Chocolate Chip SAN Mango Peach
  12. USA A few items for trade

    Got a few things I'm not going to use anytime soon: Core Pro Cinnamon Roll, missing about 3 scoops Muscle Milk chocolate, less than a pound Wheysmooth CPB, open BPI Whey HD banana, 4 serving sample tub, sealed BPI Iso HD banana, 4 serving sample tub, sealed MT Phase 8 CPB, 4 serving sample...
  13. USA Core ABC, Aminos, Clear Muscle

    Core ABC white cherry (missing 2 or 3 servings), Amino Recovery (about 3/4 of a tub), Unflavored bcaa powder (125g) $50 shipped. To keep the shipping cost down these will ship in ziplocks. 3 x Clear Muscle 168 ct bottles
  14. USA MTS Whey, Various Aminos, Intras FS/FT

    MTS Whey Key Lime Pie, 2.5 pounds (maybe a bit more) SOLD Muscle Milk Chocolate, about one pound Various bcaa products both flavored and unflavored Intrabolic Mojito, roughly half full Clear Muscle 168 count bottles Core ABC White Cherry, open I'm not going to use these products anytime soon...
  15. PES Amino IV FT/FS

    Sealed tubs of Amino IV (one cherry limeade, one blueberry burst, and one watermelon). OG version SOLD Open Amino IV (one CL, one BB) SOLD Also have Hemavol, Strive, NOW Super EPA Looking for Blue Gene, OT&G, Vaskular, Megatron, PW, Protein (XF, Beverly, Cellucor MCC, etc) or Paypal