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  1. Epistane and Halodrol legal status

    I know Epistane and Halodrol are technically illegal due to their chemical structure being that of a steroid. My question is are they EXPLICITLY listed on the controlled substance prohormone designer steroid act like Superdrol was or were they left off like DMZ and M Sten?
  2. Halodrol (the original version) verse M Sten

    For anyone who has run both of these compounds, which one did you find more effective for adding mass? Which one had less side effects in regards to the liver and blood pressure? (For Halodrol I am referring to the original formula by Gaspari, not the Hi Tech crap currently on the market).
  3. Training while on steroids

    So all, Would like experienced folks to weigh in on this topic-Optimal training guidelines while on cyce 1) How many times per week do you lift on cycle? 2) How many times per week do you exercise each muscle group (once, twice, or three)? 3) How long are your typical sessions? 4) How much...
  4. DHT designers, TRT, SHGB, and free t

    Do DHT based designers like Msten actually lower SHGB which would in effect increase free t for guys on trt?
  5. Just how low will Superdrol knock down HDL?

    Have ran several designers and Sarms stacked that have tanked my HDL down as low as 19 before. Was thinking Superdrol can’t be much worse. Anybody here run it and had labs done? How low did HDL go? What about LDL and triglycerides?
  6. Unanswered For those who have run both 1 andro and Hexadrone

    For those of you who have experience running both, did you prefer of the two In terms of results, 1 andro or Hexadrone as both are very mild? I have run 1 andro several times. I am on day three of running Hexadrone.
  7. S23, Ostarine, Hexadrone cut

    Staring a log to journal my 8 week cut. This is Day 2. Compounds will be 30 mg S23, 25 mg Ostarine, and 300 mg Hexadrone. I am also on 200 mg a week trt. Will be updating log about once a week. I am 5 foot 10 and weighed in today at 201.8 pounds and 21.2 percent body fat. Keeping realistic goal...
  8. Unanswered What happened to Medfit RX?

    Can’t find Medfit’ website, are they closing shop? Their link doesn’t work anymore. Found their affiliate Musclegen Research, but didn’t see any anabolics for sale.
  9. Unanswered Hexadrone half life?

    Gonna be starting a cycle of Pre’s Hexadrone. Will be running 300 mg a day. They come in 100 mg doses. Anyone know the half life? Is it cool to take all 300 mg at once or is it better to dose it 100 mg three times a day?
  10. Unanswered How many weeks total to cycle a year?

    So I am on trt so I don’t have to pct. i time my cycles to begin after my trt bloodwork. I have decided I am going to run a total of 3 methylated oral cycles a year (the rest of the year I will be on no other compounds other than my 200 mg a week trt). What I haven’t decided is how long these...
  11. Unanswered Alcohol and steroids

    How many here have made a personal decision to cease drinking even when off cycle due to steroids already straining the liver and kidneys? If on cycle say 15 weeks total out of the year on methylated designers, do you think significant damage can be incurred when off cycle from drinking say 6...
  12. Answered At what reading blood pressure would you lower dosage of a compound?

    Recently bumped up my DMZ from 40 mg to 60 mg. Blood pressure had now gone up to 140 over 89. It wasn’t high at the lower dosage. Is this reading so high that you would bump the dosage back down? If no, at what level would such an action be necessary. Will take it again tomorrow and see what it...
  13. Answered Third party reviews website

    Not looking to violate forum rules or looking for a source to buy from, rather wondering what the best third party sites are that people have utilized to review sources? (Moderator, it is not my intention to break forum rules so if this post is against rules please delete).
  14. Unanswered Joepaul39 needsadvice-Continue bulking or switch to cut? (Pics included)

    Three weeks into a bulk cycle that includes DMZ, test, S23, LGD and a couple other compounds. Have 5 weeks left. Feel I may be getting too fat. Below is a pic of me three weeks ago on day 1 of my cycle and a pic of me today. What do you think I should do, immediately switch to a cut for the last...
  15. Answered Why can methylated steroids cause stomach burn/acid?

    Have gotten stomach acid/burn on my prior cycle from DMZ. Took some Pepcid complete daily and that took care of it. It is happening again this time I think thanks to YK11. What causes this with methylated steroids? Other question, is this a harmless side effect or can running methylated...
  16. Joepaul39’s Rad 140, LGD 4033, S23, YK 11, testosterone (and possibly DMZ log)

    I just started an 8 week bulk cycle last Sunday and have decided to log it to keep me motivated. The compounds I will be running are 200 mg prescribed trt testosterone, 15 mg YK 11, 20 mg LGD 4033, S23 30 mg, and Rad 140 30 mg. Two weeks into the cycle I may add 40 mg DMZ for good measure for...
  17. Unanswered Will these compounds effect a CBC and PSA test?

    My trt doctor will be running a PSA and CBC (no lipids or liver tests) test on me one week from tomorrow. I am feeling froggy and want to just jump on my next cycle tomorrow. Do you think taking S23, LGD, Rad 140, and YK 11 for just one week would give me bad test results on these two tests? I...
  18. USA PES High Volume $25 unopened bottles

    Have several PES High Volume bottles for sale at $25 a bottle unopened. Will discount slightly if desiring to purchase more than one bottle. Shipping is $5.00. Can provide references of other people I have sold to on this forum.
  19. Answered What’s a better pump supplement-PES High Volume or Centurion Labz Blood Rush?

    For those who have tried both, which supplement did you feel provided better and longer lasting pumps-Centurion Labz Blood Rush or PES High Volume? Thinking of switching to Blood Rush because it has a lot of good reviews and is also less expensive. It also has a good ingredient profile and...
  20. Answered Can test levels go down with no dosage changes on trt?

    I am on trt and receive once a week intramuscular injections of 175 mg testosterone into the buttocks. After starting trt this dosage put me in the 600s total test when drawn one week from my last shot. However, after about one year on trt on my latest blood draw on the same dosage test my total...