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  1. Aromasin vs anastrazole

    Per my last post I’m running dmz/msten at 40/20 a day. I have both of these AIs on hand. Is there a benefit to using one over the other if my nips do start to hurt?
  2. Dmz/Msten run

    Currently cruising at 200/mg a week of test. Wanting to run 40mg Dmz and 20 mg of msten/day for 30 days. Just wondering what I should have on hand for sides. Thanks in advance
  3. Epiandro and bloods

    Hi all, recently started on TRT and have a bottle of epi sitting around. If I decided to take that close to the next time I get bloods would that mess with my test levels? Same question with dmz/msten, which I also have lying around. Basically checking to make sure it’s not gonna be super...
  4. Unanswered Online T therapy

    Hey guys, I’m going to be getting a blood test this week. Just wondering if anyone knows of a place to get prescriptions online once you have test results. There’s a local place but I hear the service is shitty, but inexpensive. In that light if there’s an affordable online Teladoc type deal...
  5. Unanswered Sarm

    Alright so I recently saw an ad on Facebook for mod edit: nope They’re a US company selling SARMs. They have stacked products which I like the idea of so I can have it all in a single bottle. My question is 1 anyone used them before, and 2 can it be real if they’re advertising it as performance...
  6. Unanswered Gyno sans anabolics

    So I was a fat kid growing up until I changed how I ate and dropped it all when I was 14. I wasn’t morbidly obese ever I don’t think, but I could lick my own titty lol. Anyways fast forward to now, 15 years later. I’ve been working out and eating mostly well throughout. I’ve looked like a big...
  7. Answered LGD and joint pain

    Been running LGD for about for 16 days, the last 10 of those at 20 mg/day. Been noticing some joint pain. Some in new spots like my elbows that go away. But I’ve been having a lot of pain in my left knee. That knee is already a little fucked up. Granted I’m in peak week of training so volume...
  8. Unanswered Myoresearch SARMs legit?

    Before coming on this forum and finding MAresearch I hastily bought a bottle of LGD from a company called myoresearch. Anybody know if they’re legit? I’m taking MAs now and was considering ending my cycle with the Myo brand, but I don’t wanna screw up the end of my cycle with bunk ****.
  9. How’s your training?

    So I found this forum because I just recently decided to run my first cycle of anything. Prior to this I lifted for about 12 years mostly on, but some off. In that time I read and learned shitloads about training and nutrition. In the here and now it is shocking how much info there is on this...
  10. LGD... wait time?

    Alright so as per my last thread I started running LGD, only 2 days so far at 5 mg/day for the first week, bumping to 10 after the first week. I’m wondering if anyone can enlighten me as to how long it takes to “kick in”? Basically trying to make sure I didn’t get bunk ****.
  11. ProH virgin looking for advice

    So I recently got ahold of some lgd 4033 through myoresearch and plan on running 5/mg a day for 6 weeks. I was hoping to get advice on what a good OTC AI is to take with it, and I’ve read 5/mg was enough and in other places I’ve read 10/mg is enough. I’ve never taken any pro hormones so I’m...