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  1. MarkoK87

    Unanswered Better synergy ?

    I m planning my next cycle and I will go with test e and tren hex. My question is what would be better synergy with test/tren, masteron or anavar ?
  2. MarkoK87

    How long you guys run tren ace

    Just general question for those who run tren ace, how long you run it and what other compounds you run with it. I mostly run it 6-7 weeks with test p 8 weeks, I always finish with tren one week before test.
  3. MarkoK87

    Test EQ Anavar

    Right now I m on this cycle, 9th week. 1-15 Test e 400mg pw 1-14 EQ 500mg pw 10-15 Anavar 60mg per day I was wonder can I stack winstrol with anavar this last 6 weeks of cycle but in half dosages, something like Anavar 30-40mg per day and Winstrol at 30mg per day or just to stick with...