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  1. Dutchman

    A.M. and Comp gurus, some Adobe Flash Help!

    I have spent the last week searching and trying everything on the Adobe Flash site to solve a problem. Adobe Flash Player Help and Support On A. M. and a couple others still, I keep getting the pop-up telling me to upgrade to Adobe Flash. I have carefully installed and verified with Adobe...
  2. Dutchman

    Need some Test Cyp advice

    Five months ago my VA Doc put me on a low dose of 2.5 Androgel (Patch)because she had some concerns about my PSA which varies between 4 and 8. Since I had had a Biopsy (negative), a genetic PSA3 test (negative), had free ie PSA-F of 25 which is great, she ran me on it for 5 months. Periodic...
  3. Dutchman

    Dutch does does another video @ 67

    I posted this in the "Over 35" Forum but thought some of you might be interested . Since I just turned 67 I thought I'ld do another video. This time I decided to do the HS (Hammer Strength) Triceps Pressdowns. I did this this AM and my cameraman missed the first rep (you can just hear the...
  4. Dutchman

    Dutch does does another video @ 67

    Since I just turned 67 I thought I'ld do another video. This time I decided to do the HS (Hammer Strength) Triceps Pressdowns. I did this this AM and my cameraman missed the first rep (you can just hear the clank) but he got the next 4 reps, all done at 610 lbs (ie 12 X 45 + 2 X 35). By the...
  5. Dutchman

    Dutch Does Hammer Strength

    For years, I have arranged my workouts around using primarily Hammer Strength equipment (eg BP, Seated Rows, Pulldowns and Shoulder Presses) and the Power Rack (Close Grip BP/Extensions and Rack Deads) to meet my goals which have always been powerlifting oriented. I just like to lift heavy, so...
  6. Dutchman

    New Scientific Focus on Ginseng

    Just read this review of recent Ginseng research and thought it useful info. Interesting how it seems to work on steroid hormone receptors? Any comments from our more knowledgable members? "New Scientific Focus on Ginseng November 5th, 2007 New Research on Ginseng: Pharmacogenomics and the...
  7. Dutchman

    Epistane-Formastane Cycle Comments

    I'm not big on doing logs etc while I try out stuff. But I need to make a few comments about the Epi-Form cycle I just finished. First for those who don't know me, I'm an old fart who started lifting over 55 years ago and has been up to his eyebrows in experimentation for 15 years. I've seen...
  8. Dutchman

    Hammer Strength Triceps Question

    I guess this is the best forum to pose my question. I have been lifting for over 50 years and now at 65 I am getting really serious about powerlifting (220lbs, 65 - 69 class). I can't handle squats for the same reasons I can't run anymore but I can and love to do heavy lifts in everything...
  9. Dutchman

    World Class Customer Service

    Sam, I have spent a lifetime in global marketing from the US, Japan, Germany and Holland. Together they are arguably the best there is. I have to admit this weeks encounter with you and your company was an example of the finest customer service and satisfaction that is humanly possible. You...
  10. Dutchman

    Can someone splain P-full/Symmetry to me

    I've been using Cissus for 8 months and absolutely love what it has done for me. Originally it helped me survive severe shoulder problems. Now I have used alternating stacks with Cissus/Powerfull as my NHA stack. With it I seem to be leaner and steadily continue to gain strength. Don't...
  11. Dutchman

    The Dutchman's Still Doing It.

    Somehow the local paper the Ocala Star Banner heard of me and asked to do a story. They interviewed me this week and then followed me to the gym where they took a ton of photos. This article is in today's paper but the online version only uses one photo. They are sending me a CD with copies of...
  12. Dutchman

    What's up with FedEx?

    I need to place an order but mail delivery is a real problem here in retirement city. When will you have FedEx delivery again?
  13. Dutchman

    A Rebound XT/Blue Rhino stack

    I suppose it's OK to report my experiences here with a Rebound XT and Blue Rhino stack. I have a similar thread going in the Old Farts forum at but since most of you "youngsters" wouldn't ever see that and I owe some feedback here for all the good advice I've gotten, I'll give it a run...
  14. Dutchman

    A new Green Tea Thread

    I have read them all and commented in a few. Still today I noticed something interesting while I was doing more Green Tea research. For me I have been using it to protect my prostate, reduce cholesterol and ward off different cancers, but mostly as a key ingredient of my Anarchy Stack, of...