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  1. R_Alan1

    Question about combining multiple fat burners...

    So I started taking OL Assass1nate and Ignit3 with SNS TTA-500, which I already know can be stacked, and I'm wondering if I can take EvoMuse Brite with them? I also have a topical a friend gave me by MPA called Vasoburn. I'm not new to supps but I've really never dabbled much in fat burners cuz...
  2. R_Alan1

    Questioning using noots because of this...

    I came across this article during my research and it has me very skeptical about starting any racetams or noopept. I've only read positive results with the normal, temporary, sides but this is making me rethink everything. It seems a lot of people have permanent or long term damage as a result...
  3. R_Alan1

    Are SARMs illegal?

    Are SARMs actually illegal to take or are they just illegal to market/sell as a "dietary supplement?" I know WADA banned them like 8 years ago but I'm curious on the actual legality of taking them. I'm not a competitive athlete or anything but I wanna know their legal status.
  4. R_Alan1

    MT2 drug testing

    Is there anyone who is aware of any known test that mt2 will show up on whether it shows up as that or yields a false positive for some other illicit substance? Or would the bac water be testable?
  5. R_Alan1


    Anybody heard of or used the new brain drug addium? It's supposedly banned by jeopardy and some colleges. Sounds like hype but I figured I'd throw it out there cuz a search on here didn't bring any results.
  6. R_Alan1

    Best GHRP to take?

    I'm looking into doing some research with ghrp and ghrh. I'm pretty set on cjc-1293 mod grf 1-29 no dac as my ghrh. As for my ghrp I'm pretty torn. Correct me if I'm wrong but based on my research ipamorelin is the cleanest of the ghrp's but doesn't have as high of a gh output as ghrp 2 and 6...
  7. R_Alan1

    EC stack plus clenviscerate?

    I've been running EC for 10 days on then a week break and I was wondering whether or not I could add clenviscerate or if that'd be too much on my beta receptors. Another option I'm considering is eviscerate by itself cuz I've heard opinions that it's every bit as effective. Thoughts, comments...
  8. R_Alan1

    Peptide storage??

    So I was doing some spring cleaning and in the course of my cleaning I found 4 vials of MTII and I was wondering if they're still good? They're probably pushing 6 years but they've been frozen and are not reconstituted. Also, if they're too old they're still sterile right? So injecting would do...
  9. R_Alan1

    read the rules

    mod edit: not only is in the wrong forum but you poste a link which should have gotten you banned. READ THE RULES.
  10. R_Alan1

    Walmart test powder?!?!

    So I've been thinking about running test powder and recently I noticed Walmart has a test powder, either six star or body fortress. I didn't really look at it but has anyone looked into/tried this stuff? Might be worth a few bucks to be a tester for the masses if nobody's tried it yet lol
  11. R_Alan1

    Book reccomendations

    Hello all, I've been a gym rat since my dad gave me my first weight set in 8th grade and I was always the lucky one that had abs no matter what I ate but now as I'm getting older, 28 now, I've found I really need to watch what I eat. I grew up on a beef cattle farm and my family always had a...
  12. R_Alan1

    legal anabolics

    My buddy told me hes taking "dbol" by legal anabolics and he wants to stop cuz its not doing anything (surprise surprise) I've never even heard of anyone taking this stuff and I don't really know what's in it so I wasn't sure whether he needs any kind of pct? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. R_Alan1

    hcg timing???

    I've heard people saying to take hcg on injection days but then I've heard people saying take it the day before, does it matter? I'm running 250 ius hcg 2X per week during my test e/deca @ 500 and 400 per week, respectively.
  14. R_Alan1

    s4 and permanent macular degeneration

    I have recently been very intrigued by SARMs to the point where I bought some mk-2866 and s4 but the more I read the less I want to risk permanent vision problems potentially associated with s4. Anyone who has done research knows of the yellow tinting and night blindness associated with s4 but...
  15. R_Alan1

    test-e/deca run pls critique

    Planning on starting a 12 week run of test and deca. Background... I'm 27, 6'2" 210lbs decent bf, for the winter that is lol, been training since freshman year of hs, one injectable cycle and many ph's under my belt. Cycle looks like this: 1-12 test e 250 mg x twice a week 1-12 deca 250 mg x...
  16. R_Alan1

    Nolvadex+restless leg syndrome?

    My friend said he got restless legs syndrome while he was taking tamoxifen citrate but stopped when he ceased use. I told him that was ridiculous and it was def from something else but i promised i'd write a post on here. I've used nolvadex many times and never experienced this nor have i read...
  17. R_Alan1

    Simple NO-Xplode q?

    You're supposed to take NO-Xplode, or any main stream pre-work-out NO drink, 30-45 min before workout, on an empty stomach (ie 1 hr after a shake or 2 hrs after a reg meal) but it's counter-intuitive to go to the gym on an empty stomach. Instead of waiting an hour after a protein shake, could...
  18. R_Alan1


    Does anyone know if the gyno reducing effects diminish with each cycle? I haven't found anyone who did two logs on this product or really found any kind of results of a second cycle done by someone with a gyno problem. I know if you run the same compound a bunch of times you usually don't get...
  19. R_Alan1

    new info on Melanotan II

    A new study from the University of Arizona showed some amazing results in several of their test subjects. After approximately 50-75mg's of MTII subjects began jumping higher and running faster. Manual dexterity also improved in things like catching a football or dribbling a basketball. Tastes...
  20. R_Alan1

    does p slin work?

    I bought a couple of bottles of P Slin from USP direct for cheap, but I can't really decide if I think it works or not....I'm taking not knowing to be a bad sign. My diet is excellent right now, as I am keeping very lean for the summer, and I am following the directions verbatim. The only...