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  1. nicksox15

    Spine Issues

    I just got a call with MRI results for my lower back, and all they would tell me is I have a disc bulge with narrowing of the spine. Getting referred to a pain/spine doc to go over it but not sure how long I’ll have to wait. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this? Pain is pretty bad, in...
  2. nicksox15

    Getting Ripped With Team Juggernaut!

    Welcome! Big thanks to Team Juggernaut for giving me a three month run with their coaching/nutrition planning. I have always just kind of jumped around programs and had no real accountability so I am quite excited to give this my all and see how much I can change! As others have mentioned, I...
  3. nicksox15

    Nicksox Losing Weight With Veinquish

    Thanks to justthere4comm and all the sharks at Vein Nutrition for giving me the chance to log Veinquish, their non stim fat burner! This is going to be a longer log since they were nice enough to send three bottles! A little about me, I was around 225 in Feb and will be starting this log at...
  4. nicksox15

    Nicksox Shreds Weight with Bloodshr3d War!

    Welcome! Shout out to Mind and Muscle for giving me the chance to log Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d War edititon! I'll be using this to help continue my journey down to sub 200 lbs. I'm currently at 208 and starting to do a more cardio/circuit focused workout for the next few weeks to really...
  5. nicksox15

    Nicksox Tries out BPS Epidrone!

    Hey all! Thanks to BPS for giving me the chance to log Epidrone! This is my first foray into anything stronger than a Natty T booster, so I'm anxious to see the results and get to work! I'm hoping to drop a few lb's and tighten up. Side goal is to lose two pounds by Monday so I can win some...
  6. nicksox15

    Save Now and Get Free Shipping!

    That's right! Right now Vitalize Supplements is offering 10% off it's powerful fat melter Thremogenesis! All you need to do to take advantage of this awesome deal is head to and put in the code Anabolic10 And don't forget about the free shipping! No code...
  7. nicksox15

    Back Injury

    Anyone have any experience with a back injury from a fall? Went over my xrays this morning and apparently my l4 and l5 are subloxed? Which means the space between them has been reduced and is quite a bit smaller than all of the other vertabrae. They want me to do chiro 3 times a week for over a...
  8. nicksox15

    Testing out CEL M-Test

    Hey all, thanks for stopping by! First off, thanks to CEL and everyone on their team for giving me the chance to test out M-Test. I've run quite a few natty boosters in my day and am looking forward to this one, as the ingredient list is quite sexy! I'm 34 (today actually) and have been on a...
  9. nicksox15

    Eviscerating The Fat Like a Supernova!

    Big thanks to Dsade and Evomuse for giving me the chance to log Eviscerate Supernova! I'm going to be trying to burn off some ab and chest fat that has been trouble for me. I'm currently 216 and in slow cut mode to get down to 210, I was 225 about a month ago so going well so far. I weight...
  10. nicksox15

    Nicksox Getting Ripped With IDL Mystery Product

    Hey Guys, thanks for checking in. I'm logging this little fat burner thanks to the folks at IDL. Not 100% sure what it's called, but I know it's a stim based fat burner so I'm going to be logging my results! I'm looking to get down to the 210 area as I'm really starting to up my cardio and...
  11. nicksox15

    Nicksox Ups His Test With Formutech!

    Hey all, big thanks to Formutech for giving me the chance to log Test-RX! I've run a good number of test boosters in my day and am very excited to see what this can do as Test-RX has an amazing profile. I'm currently 219 lbs and pretty much in a recomp, pretty much eating a bit above...
  12. nicksox15

    Getting The Summer Bod With Red Ghost!

    Thanks to Controlled Labs for giving me the opportunity to log Red Ghost! This is perfect timing as I head to Vegas in two months, so looking for something to put me over the edge! I currently train using the PH3 layout and have been having great results, I also do cardio almost daily. My...
  13. nicksox15

    Finish Line Review (Rainbow Sherbert)

    Thanks to IFN for giving me a chance to review. I got the rainbow sherbert flavor. My initial thoughts were surprised at how big the tub was! The profile on this is great, and combines a great host of ingredients that most people take PWO into one convenient scoop. I've taken this for a few...
  14. nicksox15

    NickSox Lights The AmentoFuse

    Thanks to GNO and everyone over at OL for giving me the chance to be one of the first to try their new Amento product, Amentofuse! I got an unlabled sample tub of pills, looks to be about two weeks worth at 1 pill a day and will be updating probably daily here with my thoughts. I am on my...
  15. nicksox15

    Nicksox15 gets pumped to the Max and Stimul8ed!

    Hey all, thanks to Finaflex and their reps for giving me a shot at logging this stack! I'm 33 years old, about 220 lbs. Usually do your typical 3/4 day lifting split but for the run up to my Jamaica trip have been working in some crossfit type workouts and such to switch things up a bit. Will...
  16. nicksox15

    PHW Supplements World Series Giveaway!

    Thats right, the fall classic is upon us, and to make it even more interesting, we're having a little contest. PHW Supplements if giving away a FREE bottle of one of the hottest supplements out there Ep1C Unleashed!! All you have to do is pick the winner between the New York Mets and Kansas...
  17. nicksox15

    Mlb playoffs, who ya got?

    Seems like there quite a few baseball fans here on the board, so here's a place to discuss the most exciting time of the year! Really hoping the Cubs can bounce back today, but overall that Mets pitching staff is gonna be a tough road for whomever they play.
  18. nicksox15

    Pumped for Playoffs? Win Free High Volume from PHW!

    I'm PUMPED for the MLB playoffs, my favorite time of year! To celebrate, PHW Supplements is going to giveaway a tub of High Volume to one lucky winner! To win, just pick the winner of the Play in Game on Wednedsay between the Cubs and the Pirates! Tie breakers are list the total runs...
  19. nicksox15

    Broken finger

    Anyone ever had pins put in their finger? Looking like I'm in need of that in the tip of my pinky, broke it pretty good playing softball
  20. nicksox15

    20% off ALL Products at PHW Supplements!

    That's right, 20% off of EVERY item we selll! Buy Bodybuilding Pro-Anabolic Supplements and SARMs | PHW Supplements Just use code COUPON CODE: LAB20 at checkout to start saving today! Also a bonus: ALL ORDERS OVER $150 GET A FREE AMS AROM-X ($45 VALUE) Add the note "FREEAMS" in your order...