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  1. rochabp

    USA WTB Flavored carbs

    want to buy flavored carbs.
  2. rochabp

    Is the miscellaneous forum over with?

    I remember there was a section dedicated to people trading and re-selling supplements. I think it was under miscellaneous. Has that been moved somewhere else or has it been removed?
  3. rochabp

    Life Changing Log- EFA's (3-5g DHA/day!)

    For a long time, I looked for the magic pill that was gonna get me the most yoked and most ripped shape of my life. Pink Magic, Epistane, Lipodrene, etc. I tried a lot of stuff on the market back in my day...Recently I have been confronted with a lot of life obstacles; my ex-gf dumps me, debt...
  4. rochabp

    Ill trade my Bulk Citrulline Malate for Bulk Taurine

    I have BioCor Nutrition Citrulline Malate sealed 100 grams Need Taurine sealed bulk 100grams
  5. rochabp

    Need a few things Im looking to Buy

    Looking to buy the following at competitive prices Eviscerate Creatine product (not preworkout something more like Storm by Universal or Green Mag) Taurine Alcar MultiVit Yohimbine will buy or trade.
  6. rochabp

    Enhanced Cheap-quick sale

    $15 for about 3/4 full
  7. rochabp

    Athletix Sports New Preworkout Testing Report-Rochabp

    I tested both of these products, will provide my detail feedback, as far as workout, it was the same for both days Full Body Workout high Reps with the Focus on Glycogen Depletetion. I was not on a specific diet just more of maintenance or i guess you could say Normal High Protein, Moderate...
  8. rochabp

    Sugar Addiction-Kicks my Ax

    Im not that fat guy that cant control his eating but man sometimes i go years eating clean and then BAM a huge sugar craving just kills me out of nowhere, its horrible i notice it happening but i cant stop it. Its definitely something psychological or at least neurological or something along...
  9. rochabp

    Always looking to Improve my diet!

    Im not carb friendly so im carb cycling on a cut No Carb days (8:00) Breakfast -7 eggs whole -turkey ausage -2 cups of green tea (11:00) Snack 1 -2 tuna cans or 2 scoops of whey (1:00) Lunch -2 chicken breasts -spinach, mushrooms,oilives, cucumbers, artichokes, beans, broccoli -2 cups of...
  10. rochabp


    i need to sell 2 boxs of Oh yeah bars (big bars 12 bars per box retail is like $2 bar if your lucky)-both for $42 cycle support+ oh yeah bars=$58 i really need chase transactions though so thats my catch got other stuff too pm me
  11. rochabp

    Weapon-X Hemavol-pumps just got more delicious(watermelon edition)-Rated Rochabp

    yup watermelon, and yes its as delicious as it sounds. Now ive been here for a while most of you know me and i got the awesome opportunity to log Iforce watermelon Hemavol- i have tried a lot of preworkouts including the old hemavol (4 bottles of it to be exact-pill form) and i was a fan of it...
  12. rochabp

    A Simple Thanks Thread.

    Its not a supplement, not a promotion, im just giving thanks for life, Nutraplanet, Anabolicminds, Bodybuilding, and most importantly Family. Hope you guys spend this holiday full of love and happiness. give thanks.
  13. rochabp

    looking for pre workouts that have more than 5g per scoop

    im not a fan of those typical pre workouts that all have same looking ingredient facts with 5g a scoop and 45 servings unless they have good ingredients that stnad out like norvaline, agmatine, etc. so anyways i want to trade, i would consider open pre workouts but just post the ones you got...
  14. rochabp

    Looking for Bulk Stuff (cool stuff) prefferably stuff that raises NO

    Im looking for cool ingredients in bulk, prefferably something like GPLC or stuff that raises NO but im also into Agmatine, Norvaline, stuff of that nature maybe even some uspowders
  15. rochabp

    Has AM considered a trading section?

    i was just wondering if AM ever considered a trading section, a lot of forums have em. just thought i would throw it out there.
  16. rochabp

    Quality stuff

    Man, im using your guys old e control right now, man strongest atd ive tried by far. ive used a couple ironmag labs products, and you guys have proven you only produce quality stuff so i respect your company. just wanted to post my experience with your products. But this ATD is top notch...
  17. rochabp

    Best bodybuilding books?

    im an effing nerd. i like to read. and im also a gym slut so that makes me a nerdy slut. my point is any of you guys read any good books bodybuilding and such.
  18. rochabp

    Personal Favorite Workouts Routines for Mass- Post Em

    Ive been trying to find out which ones are the best routines out there for mass, there are so many, hst, dc, fst-7, high volume, low volume, double pyramid scheme, etc. DC is great but on cycle i dont feel it does the job because the volume isnt there and recovery is too good on cycle. i just...
  19. rochabp

    Rochabp focus' on the task at hand with Focus XT

    sup guys im back. i have recently completed a cycle, along one for that matter so i thought this product to come at perfect timing in my life. i couldn't help myself so i have used it once or twice and its honestly delicious i don't have anything bad to say about the flavor. I really like it as...
  20. rochabp

    Non-steroidal AI's??? whats the point?

    okay guys someone needs to clear this up cuz ive read up on letro and a-dex both which are relatively strong Non steroidal AIs which means they will eventually detach from the aromatase enzyme Unlike steroidal AIs like aromasin which permanently bind to it. so why would anyone use letro if...