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    ketosis progress pic JUST BECAUSE

    Can you post up your diet and workout routine? You've made some great results for sure!
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    Getting back into the gym/Cutting and fibre advice request

    Hi all, it's been a while since I was on here, but I'll try to get straight to the point. Currently I weigh ~200lb, but I'm between 20-25% bodyfat! My aim right now is to recomp down to ~175lb and ~32-34" waist. I've tried to lose some weight through cutting out most carbs from my diet while...
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    The Lean Gains / IF learning and Discussion Log

    Hunger alone doesn't get to me. It's the combo of boredom and hunger which starts to test my will strength.
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    Returning to the gym and need advice

    In the past I've upped my fat intake just by doubling the amount of walnuts I'm eating so I could always do that again. I'm UK based but I'm sure I can get some bulk powders to help out, cheers.
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    Returning to the gym and need advice

    Been a while since I was around these parts (or regularly at the gym) so I'm fairly clueless as to what new supplements/anabolics are currently around so I'm mainly interested in advice regarding that. I'd also appreciate any help with my diet and with my workout routine. My current weight...
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    20-25lbs muscle by december

    I do. I wasn't dedicating the whole post to you, clearly.
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    GENOMYX is looking for AM representation...

    Yeah, I still remember what the old boss was paying in shipping so he had to ship me a ton of stuff to make it worth while. No worries though bro, all the best to you guys and whoever takes the position!
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    help with mucuna supplement

    I'm no expert but a month between stopping and having these effects seems a bit of a long time for it to be the fault of mucuna, doesn't it? Seems more incidental than causal.
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    GENOMYX is looking for AM representation...

    I'm interested, I used to rep here and on a couple of other forums for USPLabs a couple of years ago. It'd depend on the level of coverage you are wanting but back when I used to rep I'd be on daily. The main issue I could foresee is that I do a hell of a lot of studying as it is for...
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    Hormona supplementsl help people grow?

    The AI won't make you grow, but it could hold off the process which halts growth to some degree. It'd probably also **** your joints up and weaken your bones so not exactly worth while.
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    Hormona supplementsl help people grow?

    Sorry, I meant to say AI there.
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    Hormona supplementsl help people grow?

    Once your plates seal up (from exposure to oestrogen during puberty) then you're as tall as you'll ever get, no amount of HGH etc will change that. Regarding your friends brother, I suppose if the doc wasn't going by the book he could give the kid a SERM but chances are that even as young as 15...
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    Best Weightloss Supplements???

    When I worked (if we can call it that) for USPL payment was in form of supplements anyway. The 10% Super-Cissus RX is a joint supplement, not a weight loss supplement (even if you did lose weight while using it) so I wouldn't even begin to bring it up in regard to weight loss tbh. If the...
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    Test e ( first timer ) not a noob tho ;)

    Subjective... And if you're gonna get some test e then why not get an AI or SERM rather than a supplement?
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    Food making me go broke

    Don't know Sun Tzu, next thing you'll be saying y'all ain't heard of Siddhārtha Gautama, Confucius, or Nichiren! :lmao: Just playin' ;) Back on topic, if you go into supermarkets here chicken costs upwards of £6.00 a kilo, and usually you'll find chicken breasts for £5-6 for 600g... Farmers...