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    Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

    Download link file has a password - dbwt
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    Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

    Hi guys, Sorry haven't been around for a while - I will upload it again and then just post the download link here... Glad to hear that the folks who have tried it enjoyed it! Y2J
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    Any suggestions on when to start Vat [email protected]

    Looking forward to this!
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    Myspace in my space

    Not to sound like a tin-foil hat wearin' nut - but it has been public that those agencies who have power do frequent and use these social networking sites to scope out potential 'threats' and people they deem 'suspicious'. I personally am not on any of them due to the potential of breach of...
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    A True VAT Attack Log.

    Thanks for your log - because of it stumbled upon the caffiene-cortisol connection. [hijack log] From pubmed: Cortisol responses to mental stress, exercise, and meals following caffeine intake in men and women.Lovallo WR, Farag NH, Vincent AS...
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    India under terrorist attack!

    Live feed from Indian news Videos on News, Movies, Music, Sports and Current Affairs - Mumbai is under seize by a series of bomb blasts and shootouts in at least twelve prominent locations in the upmarket and densely populated South Mumbai, including hotels (Oberai Trident, Taj Mahal...
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    people at the gym

    They provide my wife and I entertainment during our workouts :D
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    P-Slin capsule question

    Hmm.. wouldn't this be an issue though? I thought the blister packs were to ensure that each capsule would be air tight as opposed to in a bottle, where you constantly open/close the bottle allowing moisture and other elements in and out of the bottle a couple of times a day. Also, with...
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    P-Slin capsule question

    Really eh... do you remember if USP mentioned anything regarding it being a pellet within the capsule? I'm just asking because the old bottles had it powdered inside the capsule. Just wondering why and what the change was... hopefully a USP rep can help out here.
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    P-Slin capsule question

    I know I'm not the only one using P-slin from the blister packs guys... don't be shy to drop feedback
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    P-Slin capsule question

    Hey guys, Been using P-slin ever since it came out and during the last big sale, stocked up on it (when it was 're-released' in the little boxes + blister packs instead of the bottles) I finished my last bottle and went on to the boxes 2 weeks ago and I found that the contents of the capsules...
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    Approx time it takes to ship to ontario

    Within 5 days.. some of my shipments have arrived in 3 days. I'm in Toronto.
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    Chris Benoit found dead

    Update - Feb 5th
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    Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

    Sent to everyone up to this point (hotmail, PMs, and thread requests) Enjoy!
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    Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

    Sent to both of you guys..