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    LG 1-ANDRO - Do you want a FREE cycle to see just how strong this stuff is?

    I have been lifting since I was 15 and I am 36 now. I ha e used moat ped's one can think of from aas, ph's to peptides. 3 weekly updates is easy. I live in Nj
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    ALPHA-1 Loggers needed at AM!

    When will we know the lucky chosen few?
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    ALPHA-1 Loggers needed at AM!

    I will log it. I have been looking for something to jump start my comeback as I've had a few months downtime (longest break from training in a over a decade). I'm currently training 4-5 days a week mountain dog style. I get around 150-200 grams of protein a day from humapro and the remaining...
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    Methoxy-TRN(17b-Methoxy-Trienbolone) ALRI put this on out and I never got to run it but heard it was AMAZING. I did however use what I believe was the same ph from I think it was Kilo sports....or maybe juggernaut nutrition? It was an oral tren that required a VERY low dose (very toxic) and the...
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    Good non hormonal stack?

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    A Wide Back? What to do

    I will join the party late and keep my part simple and sweet. Everything Rodja said I agree with and will say has shown to be true in my personal experience and for others I've trained/observed training on their own for the last 2 decades of lifting. Pullup and variations of the pullup will...
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    Trenazone or Trenavar on my winter bulker

    I actually liked trenavar (never used trenazone) and I do agree that it needs to be used with another compound that's adrogenic to keep the libido going...formestane might work as well...test would probably be the best imo.
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    I have been using Ment and trenavar for about three weeks. The Ment I have run at around 30-40 mg ed and trenavar at 30-40 mg ed. All I can say is overall I am NOT impressed. This ain't my first rodeo and I have used just about everything under the sun (in moderation of course). I thought the...
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    Favorite SAN supplement?

    V-12 fruit punch! Actually liked it as much as biotests anaconda. Please do not flame me. BTW can ya hook a brother up if I do a nice write up w/pics included
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    Slin-Sane v2

    I wanna be a tester!
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    PES Pre-Workout Needs A Name!

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    Neogenix NeuroSurge --- [Get Ready for it!]

    Looking forward to the test run:-)
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    The Myostatin Ursolic Acid Relationship

    I am interested:-) & I have ton of logging,training,and supplement use. Over 15 years worth. I am also a personal trainer at a very large gym where I am CONSTANTLY asked what supplements while...I would love a chance to see if this is one of them.
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    Plateau Workout

    Deload is definetely an option. Also when u,come back consider the mirror approach meaning train the exact opposite of what you have been doing. Example- you train like a powerlifter then give german volume training or something similar a shot. Also do not neglect stability training. It is...
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    Pro Bodybuilders have to stay on HRT for life?

    Simple answer is most do. All of them? I doubt it. Use of hcg and proper cycling and precautions should make it possible along with perhaps being fortunate enough to not have to use massive amounts without ever coming off year after year...the more I explain the less likely it seems lol.