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    I’ve run tbol and am a big fan of it......however, I’m a fan because of the low side effect profile and imo the results (which as above will be much less than adrol, dbol etc) stack up well when looking at risk reward (ie the sides on the bigger hitting compounds are way higher). but be...
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    Post Lockdown

    honestly bro, genuine offer to come use it. Probably 90 mins from you so not ideal but in the current circumstances..... as it happens I owned a couple of independent gyms until last year when my business partner/mate screwed me over so had a fair bit of the equipment from that. ive had a...
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    First PH Cycle (1-Andro/EpiAndro) Mapped - Looking for a Review/Double Check By More Experienced AM Veterans. Thanks.

    Yeah as above save all the natty stuff for pct bro, not gonna do anything actually on cycle but can help keep gainz post. pct looks solid. I’d personally Just start at 330 and 900 tbh. Your 💯 gonna increase and even at that we are talking pretty much minimum effective dose. I’d also run the...
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    Possibly to get a girl pregnant while I’m on a cycle? Deca & test cypo

    Testosterone has been studied before as a male contraceptive. It’s definitely much less likely but still possible. HCG helps if that’s what you want to achieve. I really hope it doesn’t happen after the snip though. **** that. Was one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life getting it...
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    Questions about blasting?

    I second this, if your on trt then really 12-16 weeks blasting test isn’t going to cause you issues imo. You wouldn’t run an oral that long obviously but just test would be sound. I like lower doses longer cycles personally - seem to keep a lot more
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    Pharma Epi & Clen stack LEGIT?? Advice??

    I felt clean as **** on it......