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    Additions to BPC and TB500

    I use Jarrow optiMSM I get off Amazon. Like a 2lb tub. Lasts a long time. Does the SNS cissus make a noticeable difference? I've used primaforce cissus and Super Cissus. The primaforce did nothing, but the Super Cissus worked great.
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    My test levels haven't recovered ever since i battled with anorexia

    You could attempt a pretty comprehensive restart if you wanted to. Example. Using HCG to stimulate leydig cells. Then GnRH injection. Cease HCG. Get on enclomiphene for a couple months. Then reassess. That's what I would do if I were in your shoes, mainly because I wouldn't want to start TRT...
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    M1T LOG

    Knew it. Lol