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  • ddemark
    Hey i read your article about recomp cycles and really enjoyed it. Do you have a reputable site you could refer me to for t3?

    I was reviewing your guide on SD cycle. Excellent information! thank you for exerting so much effort in putting everything in one place.

    I am staring my test e and eq cycle, I have previously done SD/epi bridge based on your guide, however I am not quite sure whether:

    - kickstarting the cycle of Test E and EQ with SD solo would be better or
    - is it better to kickstrat the cycle with the bridging SD and Epi?

    I have all of the above mentioned compound with me stored. Please comment.


    P.S. so sorry, your inbox is full :(
    Hi i heard you were the man to talk to about Pulsing SD. Im 30yo this will be my second SD cycle and i didnt keep most of my gains my first time even with proper pct diet training. I wanna try pulsing to solidify gains. I couldnt find your thread on your SD pulse log. do you not have one? thanks!
    Hey bro, just wanted to say whats up. I've been inactive on the forum the past 15 months but I'm back and
    wanted to see who is still active on the board
    if i could ask for your thoughts on my next cycle which will be my second to run my 1st cycle was 100mg of test prop and 100mg of primobolin eod 10 weeks pct was hcg and clom fired up stright away all was good.looking at test enanthate 500mg per week 18 weeks equipose 500mg per week 15 weeks and primobolin at 400mg per week im looking for dry lean gains realy liked the primo in my first course and wanted to include it on my second course.you look in great shape well done! hope you can give me your thoughts on this one tnks
    hey man sorry that i pm you but i think you can help me a lot

    im 1.70cm 72kg 12%fat 10 years training and my this is first cycle
    going to run dianabol and test e

    1-8 test e (testoviron) 250mgx2 e/w
    1-4 dianabol (danabol ds) 30mg e/d

    1-8 proviron 50mg e/d?
    1-10 arimidex 0.50mg or 1mg eod?

    4-10 pregnyl 2x250iu e.w ?
    10-14 nolvadex 40/40/20/20 or arimidex and nolva?
    10-12 clomid 100/50 or 10-14 100/50/50/50

    its ok run arimidex and proviron together ?
    i m not sure if its nessesary HCG (pregnyl) but if it is , its better run during 4-10week 2x250iu e/w and stop it before PCT ofcource?
    its better run arimidex and the weeks on PCT with nolvadex without clomid or the nolva clomid its ok? thanx a lot man
    How you doing master?... I was reading through your article of REcomp... I'ts what I've been trying to aim for... I'm new to PH's so I just started running a cycle of the mildest PH (trifecta stack) I will run it for around 8 to 10 weeks... My concern is how can I do the carb cycling and carb cut off if I can´t possibly train another time but in the fevening around 6.30pm I finish around 8.30pm drink my pw shake then 1 hr after I eat my large meal (it has to have carbs right? ) The only day I can train in the morning is saturdays , Cardio days are also in the evening and on tuesdays I do cardio right before my weight training due to schedule issues... so what would you reccomend ??? Thanks in advance!
    hey man whats up?? how do i get a hold of you... i tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full and it wont go through... I asked you a while back about HGH
    man what cycles have you run you look great bro good balance size and definition and at your height i dont see it often
    From your posts the below " H-DROL " must look weak.
    What dosage woudl your advise.

    Sex foot two, 197lbs, middleageguy 43 years of age. (Not fat, not skinny, some meat, but not bulked up)

    Purchased: Competitive Edge Labs "H Drol ", "Cycle Assist " & "PCT Assist "

    Needed for Total Pre-load,H-DROL Cycle & PCT After Cycle
    Competitive Edge Labs H Drol (Servings per Container: 60 = 2 bottles)
    Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist (Servings per Container: 240 = 1 bottles)
    Competitive Edge Labs PCT Assist (Servings per Container: 180 = 1 bottles)

    Total Pre-load, H-DROL Cycle & PCT After Cycle (84 Days, 12 Weeks)

    Pre-load (14 Days. 2 Weeks)
    4/4 Cycle Assist = 56 capsules

    H-DROL Cycle (42 Days. 6 Weeks)

    50/50/75/75/75/100 H-DROL = 119 capsules

    4/4/4/4/4/4 Cycle Assist = 168 capsules

    PCT After Cycle (28 Days, 4 Weeks)

    6/6/6/6 PCT Assist = 168 capsules
    hey man sorry if being out of line ....of posting here everytime i answer on the thread...only cuz i dunt want to meessup my thyroid...if ia m bein out of line plz tell me thnx dude replied to ur reply can u check out that post
    (But i want to get big AND ripped!" How to run a RECOMP cycle)
    hey unreal when u get the time can u help me out on t-3 prob on i wrote the question on the thread u started about recomping
    (But i want to get big AND ripped!" How to run a RECOMP cycle)
    hey unreal when u get the time can u help me out on t-3 prob on i wrote the question on the thread u started about recomping
    (But i want to get big AND ripped!" How to run a RECOMP cycle)
    Great thread on MK-2866 I started "research" 3 days ago havent noted increased sweating but endurance/focus seem better, placebo? effect, to early to tell. Thanks for posting.
    Unreal, your new Avatar is sick! The one you had up before was awesome but this one is sick. Great job ... Oh, no homo involved just giving you props.
    dude go to page 42 of my log. youre welcome :)
    You're tellin me man. It was fine yesterday.... Not sure what the deal is. If they disabled just mine it would be nice to get an explanation
    Hey bud. I just popped 10mg of Anabolic Innovations original Superdrol and I'd like to keep my doses at 20mg for 2 and a half to 3 weeks until I run out. I also have the Desoxydrol (Phera @ 15mg). I've never run Phera and was hoping you could help me with dose suggestions to stack with the small amount of Superdrol I have left. 30 mg a day? I have a full bottle of Phera but only 2 1/2 to 3 weeks of Super left. Cheers Unreal. Hope cycle is going well so far. Cheers, angel77
    Thanks a lot for the help man!
    Hey I had a quick question about exactly cycling a OTC PCT like Recycle when I get off my cycle along with liquid nolva?
    hey man, you're inbox is full..not sure how long ago the guy below me sent that
    hey bro,
    im trying to PM you again, but they gave me a message that your inbox is full.
    Hi mate, i was wondering if u or any other members can help me out.
    I going to stay in West chester, los angeles, in november for 2 months, could someone tell me where I can buy the best supplements legal or illegal, and what I should get. My goal is to put on about 20 to 30 pounds in the 2 months, but dont want to get fat, I want to get super strong. Thanks
    ORLY? Lol... How you doing friend but I have hundreds of usernames just ready to be or already activated with different ip adresses. I aint going any where for at least another 4 years. You will get used to me in time hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahahahah
    can u show me how to look at your post im new at this and the computer?? thanks man...
    Thanks for the support UnrealMachine! I like unbiased comments to questions not "That is crap." with no supportive reasoning....you gave me another great piece of information to make a decision upon.

    Would be honored to have you as a friend. Keep rockin'!!!
    My situation is: Currently finishing up a six week deca cycle at 400mg a week. I have a bottle of the Primordial Performance 1-T transdermal that I just started using two days ago. It should last about two weeks. My PCT will consist of PP Phyto-Test and BCS Formadex for two weeks. How does this sound to a professional such as yourself?

    Also, how long after the last injection of deca should one wait to start the PCT? Thanks.
    I have been bodybuilding and trying just about everything you can buy in the gnc for several years, but recently I have been looking into PH's. Can you recommend a good PH and PCT? Everything you would need for the cycle and post cycle?
    Unreal, would feel honoured if u added me, u r my "chemical rolemodel", lol.
    how long do i take the clomed for after the two weeks; and only two capsules of trenadrol a day for two weeks
    Thank you; yeah I just did. How should I cycle the Trenadrol per week?
    Hey man, I could use some help with planning out my Trenadrol cycle. Im using Clomed as my PCT and I was wondering if I could get some tips before I start it next week. You were the only guy on AM who looked like you knew about the Ph.
    I added some pics of me to my profile. They are taken with a camera phone so they aren't the best but I guess they are better than nothing. Its tough to take good pics of yourself.
    Are you up to 230lbs right now?
    Hey man I am thinking about doing another pplex cycle in a month or so but I wanna do it a lil longer, i did my last one for only about 4 weeks but i think i might wanna bridge to m-drol, just wanna see what u think.
    Sorry! is the translation program!hahahahaha:)i have trenadrol e clomid, help me for the cycle
    hi man,you know trenadrol?i need to help
    ah probably not competing lol but thanks for asking, yeah the pic came at the end of a recomp cycle that went well
    Hey man what are you up to currently with your body? You've leaned up quite nice since i last visited your page like 6 months ago. Competing anytime soon?
    you know what man im looking for help from different people besides you. you dont need to be a **** about it and i know what my limits are. i have worked very hard to get all of that in the 200s and with that i have surpassed so of my friends who i looked up to when i first started out so dont call me weak. im not looking for one persons advice im looking for manys people adivce. dont be a ****!!!!
    Hi Unreal,

    quick question... on a SD pulse, I was planing to run 6br in PCT, but HDX2 is dosed at 50mg per cap, would 50mg/day be too much?

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