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  • my friend want to tell me that I use to take muscle mass since I have 19 year and only weight 106 pounds and want to use something and can not stand the ridicule and not being able to wear the clothes I want to know that I can use my training to get started I hope in the gym to help me I am waiting and I must use
    ****'s nanas D, pure nanas. NH is actually warm man. Hope you and J are showing the sunshine state who's boss.
    Where'd you go, Tripp? You disappeared right after I sent you the goods, lol. I haven't seen your bro around in a while either. I hope all is well.
    Hey man, just wanted to say I was motivated reading your positive info and faith! Keep it up!
    Nice dude. Bi's and Delts are my weakness. They are obviously not yours. Keep it up man.
    Great physique, man! Cool thing is that most guys that leans have mediocre arms. You got cannons to go with the physique. Whatever you are doing, you are doing it well!
    W'sup? I'm still on the mission to get ripped like you...share the knowledge?
    Yo man, i miss lifting with you too we use to kill that ****! we will link up soon once i get situated with this new life.
    It's ok if you like Pink Tyler, I won't judge you
    haha, old pic. i've beefed up a bit since then. and thats actually my parents bathroom.

    ptc is exactly 12 hours driving distance from michigan, so its not too far but florida is closer. but if u could imagine the middle of georgia, im there. we get to ride around in golfcarts here and we have the most awesomely annoying police force here as well.
    Great Physique! Thanks for the Log info on Bola. I have two "tester" bottles in the pantry just waiting ... : )
    PS....aren't you glad He Saved You !!!
    Ha im glad to find somone that has my humor bro!
    Thanks Dan, I'm going to track through all the bookstores this weekend.
    I saw on Brians wall that you have an amazing application study Bible? Care to share the name, please.
    "...let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect."

    Often times an encounter with the living God can impart a spiritual experience that changes the way we feel. Often times the feeling fades and we are left thinking and acting the way we did before.

    I have come to find from both personal experience and study that it is by the "renewing of our minds" that our lives can be transformed. We must think the way a Godly man thinks in order to live the way a Godly man would and the result is we "learn to know God's will for us, which is good and pleasing and perfect."

    When we think the way God would have us, we live the way God would have us and we experience God's will for us. Trust me, I fall short and hard, but you and I have a God who's hand is ALWAYS there to lift up the obedient.

    I'm glad my sig caught your attention. God bless you!
    Gald youre doing well, Ive been away for awhile and am just getting back into the
    Thats my hero right there man lol + I can't pose for sh*t either
    Tripp; you helped me out a ton about a year ago; thanks for that. Quick question: Where's Dat hanging out these days? Most of his protocol seems to be missing and I'm wondering if he's updated his stuff?
    it stop stalking, i was on a few other boards as jakedown but a crazy ex changed all my stuff so i started new accounts with stopstalking so if she ever saw them she might stop..but it really took a restraining order for that haha
    Hey bud - you still living in this goddamn state? :D
    For sure bro. Thank you for the prompt response/help, n the add. Yeah I understand Chuck keeping his formulations secret, makes sense for many reasons. Generally speaking, I am weary of lengthy proprietary blends in supp's, only cuz so many companies are out to rip u off when u see those, but I have a feeling I can give this company/products the benefit of the doubt for some reason n there seems to be a lot of positive feedback on them. I like the fact also that there are no unnatural ingredients/colors, etc (whats up w/ so many supps having those?). I would like to try the DTPC in the meantime, should i be hesitant to consume the preg n dhea for any reasons though (never really have consumed them)? Thanks again man!
    Hey sup man, interested in the Get Diesel product line, namely the test boosters (at the moment). Wanted to first try DTHC but it is outta stock, would u recommend i pick up a bottle of DTPC to try first? I've tried several test boosters in past, most were lackluster! Also, would it be good idea to stack some bulk LJ100 w/ DTHC or DTPC...i'm assuming the LJ in those formulas is lower-grade extract+low dose. Thanks for any help/ideas. Sick build btw!
    Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how anabolic Muscletech's Anabolic Halo is? ****'s -320 degrees celcius!!!
    Iron Lungz
    WTF is up with these random people asking the weirdest questions on your page?

    Dude, Jon Lajoie will be in that new show, "The League," on FX!
    It looks funny as hell.
    hi, excuse me i'm new in the forum and i want a advice to you.
    i must start my frist cycle of anabol..i have the 'sus500' 60caps(Active Ingredients:
    Estra-4 9-Diene-3 17-Dione, 13-Ethyl-3-Methoxy-Gona-2, 5(10)-Diene-17-One, 3, 17 Ketoetiochol-Triene, Silymarin Extract, TPGS (Advanced Delivery System), In A Base Of Safflower Oil, Gelatin).
    what PCT must i take for this product?
    what is the most good PCT of iForce Reversitol, A-X Advanced PCT or IBE Formex ,Clomid , Nolvadex , novedex xt ????
    and what liver support?? SNS Liver Assist XT or prfect cycle Anabolic extreme are good?
    thanks a lot. best regards.
    Iron Lungz
    Come join the revolution! You are one of the founding fathers! Hahaha!
    Iron Lungz
    Hahahaa! Yeah, I saw it when he uploaded it. Damn, I always laugh at his ass!

    Damn, this gives me an idea...
    Getting on TRT and getting prescribed AIs I think made the most difference really. Then diet + training could really kick in and make progress. Been doing DC style training now and its really working well. Starting to try and do alternate day fasting again too, but thats rough :)
    I'm headed to reach 7% bf even if just for a day to go some good photo shoots to have a few friends who have competed let me know any glaring flaws they see then i'll lean bulk and concentrate on weak points to be ready for a show next june @ 42 years old :D
    Iron Lungz
    Keg stands with Tren, and bong hits with D-Bol... just the life of an everyday mother f*cker!
    Iron Lungz
    Hi, you know Trenadrol? Wait, WTF kind of question is that?

    And I eat raw eggs, mother f*cker!

    What's the good word, man?
    hey hows it going i was wondering if u could help me out i posted a question on the igf section under numbness could u answer? thanks
    hey bro, i was thinking of starting cjc1295 and ghrp6. I never messed with this stuff before, i was wondering if you could help me out with how to do it and all the stuff involved with a cycle. Thanx.
    any comments or advice on the pics trip?no homo by the way.
    yea i know some people up there up in franklin and rochester
    whats goin on bro what part of nh are you from im originally from haverhill,ma right on the border
    i wish i could look like you. i need to put on some weight, any way you could give me a few pointers? u look like you really know what your doing.
    what's going on brotha - mind turning the heat on in this goddamn state? hope all is well
    whats goin on man.. lookin shredded.. i want abssss ha
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