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  • Tomahawk88
    Dang I hope it heals up quickly. You have to take better care of yourself Heidi #1.
    Haha glad to hear it isnt too bad off.
    Thanks! Lots of hard work :)

    Always nice when a chic notices.....
    Long time no talk, things are going great since last I talk to you. I've gotten married, got a house and me and wife own our own business :) So far so good
    Thank you very much!! :) It's always nice when someone notices hard work. I like your Christmas tree lol
    Just dropping in to see how you're doing, TC! :)
    I haven't tried black cat myself, but let me check out the profile and get back to you. What else have you tried? Have you ever tried any of our products? Hope you're healing well, Heidi. :)
    i almost drove right past the parking lot at work this morning and to the beach - problem is i need the job to pay off the car :-(

    Definitely sneaking out early tho.

    Enjoy that wrangler - I bought the sebring from a jeep/chrysler/plymouth dealership and test drove only 2 cars, the Sebring Touring convertible and the Jeep Wrangler. It was a toss up -both are beautiful cars. Have a good weekend TC. - Dan
    I hope that you recover in haste with your foot, Heidi. How's school going? I'm slowly moving ahead with school, but with work and the new baby I'm pretty busy all the time. It's totally worth it though. My daughter is amazing. :) Anyway, just wanted to check in.

    i only speak the truth TC ;-)

    You enjoying this non-stop rain we've been having the past 2 weeks? I just bought a '09 sebring touring convertible 2 weeks ago and its rained everyday since- all i want is one nice Sunday to drive to misquamicut with the top down!

    I see your in LI as well - I grew up all over the island. Queens, Farmingdale, New Hyde Park, Dix Hills, Amityville, Amityville Harbor, Huntington - I lived all over NY.
    Me too just dont feel the same without it. I hope the foot is healing properly.
    I am in Central NY, up in between Syracuse and Albany. Where on the Island are you?
    Hey Heidi. Just dropping in to see how you're doing. Hope all is well!
    Not bad, how much are you running? I'm trying to do 5 miles a day but its wearing me down. I was doing kettlebells for a while but since moving I packed them in storage. How are the KB workouts treating you?
    Thats funny, I worked 93 hours last week and I'm moving to Korea town in Los Angeles :) we seem have a few things in common I see haha. I'm happy to see your still around AM, how's your training?
    Waz up, girl?! All is well. The wife is due on 11/28/09. I've just finished the baby's room, and it came out really good. My wife is doing good; just starting to get really uncomfortable now. Other than that, all is good with me. Being back in school has kept me busy, but I really enjoy it. How have you been? How's school?
    Doing really well, sweety. Got my computer certification few weeks ago. Now just chilling, enjoying myself before I start studying again for another certification.
    Excited about football season, going to the game in Seattle vs. Bears and then gonna fly to Minneapolis for Vikings-Packers game.
    Oh, and I can't wait for the ski season to start. We're already making so many plans.
    GREAT lean tight super sexy legs! Great work! More, more, more!!
    The funny thing is you know Im that guy.

    I have a lot to share, some scarey and this chick im dating is
    What's up T.C.? Good advice on what lol?? I just saw your comment on my page right now.
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