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  1. The Official "I Train Legs Twice a Year Thread"

    I'll admit it, one time a couple weeks ago, I went to the gym and didn't train legs. I trained them the day before though and 2 days following. EVERY DAY IS LEG DAY!
  2. Jesus Christ

    I like to picture Jesus as a 3 layer chocolate cake with a jetpack. Cus then he'd be really cool, but also extremely delicious.
  3. Seven Ways Young People Can Keep Our Country from becoming Officially Screwed

    1) Which faith is that? 2) And who defines what is moral? If it's the "faith" we've chosen, then that's going to vary WILDLY 3) What values are those? 4) reword, this makes no sense 5) agreed 6) Just the opposite. People who can't afford to care for children shouldn't be having children...
  4. Republicans: Which candidate do you like most right now?

    Rudy Giuliani -> the man is a clueless psychopath. There's a reason folks in NYC called him "Giulinazi". He'd turn the US into a police state. Fred Thompson -> meh. mixed bag. Agree with some of his ideas, hate others. Overall he gets a thumbs down. Negatives outway the positives. Mitt...
  5. Super Nintendo (SNES)

    FF2 (FF4 in Japan) and FF3 (FF6 in Japan) were outstanding storywise and gameplay wise. FF5 IMO had a slightly weaker story than 4 or 6, but the combat and levelling system is the best; it's like FF Tactics, where you get access to various jobs and can level up those jobs independently. You...
  6. Vancouver Airport Taser Killing of Dziekanski by Police

    How is the dude going to get money? He's DEAD.
  7. Hows this article from BB on Pro BBers and Prostitution

    If you know how to read a cake recipe, you know more than enough to whip up a batch of yummy steroids. All the instructions anyone would ever need are online and easy to obtain, easy to read, step by step. You don't have to know anything about what you're mixing, you just have to know what to...
  8. Hows this article from BB on Pro BBers and Prostitution

    And you know HOW many pro bodybuilders? I won't name names, I will say there are a couple east coast big guys I know personally, and know what their operation and main source of income is. The ones that go with pharm tend to go with Mexico. Unless they have reliable sources of income that far...
  9. Hows this article from BB on Pro BBers and Prostitution

    10-15K a month?!?! WTF ARE YOU SMOKING?!! Look, I'm not gonna talk prices, but I'll say this. If someone is taking a ton of stuff, they aren't going to be buying it from a pharmacy, they are going to either be making it themselves or getting it from a friend in bulk who makes it themselves...
  10. Hows this article from BB on Pro BBers and Prostitution

    Wouldn't a better way to make money simply be "drug dealer"?? Think of how many gym rats hang around them that are willing and routinely take MORE juice than they do. I guarantee a lot of pros deal to pay the bills. A lot of amateurs deal to pay the bills too. As for prostitution, I don't...
  11. Celebrity Ripped Club: 8 Non-Athletes Who've Gotta Be On Steroids

    You know what actor has big legs? Brandon Routh. Seriously, look at the size of his legs in Superman
  12. Hulk Hogan's wife files for divorce.

    Yeah but Brooke is hot. Is she legal yet?
  13. Whats your definition of a bodybuilder?

    Bodybuilder: one who competes in bodybuilding competitions. Wow. That was tough.
  14. I Broke My [email protected]#$!cking Leg!

    Yes it would. So would IGF1. Actually so would Dianabol, it used to be prescribed to increase bone density and did so VERY successfully. There's a lot of stuff that speeds up bone fractures.
  15. Children of doping athletes deformed

    Women who take androgens can cause permanent, irreversible changes to their sex organs. Some of these changes could theoretically cause problems with pregnancies. It doesn't take a whole lot during pregnancy to screw a kid up for life.