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    Getting Leaner

    If you want to lose weight and tighten up then lower your caloric intake so you Continue to drop weight the goal of dieting is keeping calories as high as possible while still dropping so you have the flexibility to make changes when you hit roadblocks the term “clean” is subjective. People...
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    Answered What’s a better pump supplement-PES High Volume or Centurion Labz Blood Rush?

    I personally am not a huge fan of L-Norvaline which I explained in this thread earlier. Given that profile to High Volume.. high Volume is my choice due to the added nitrates IMO But like I said there are...
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    Answered How to lower cortisol

    Exactly....They are on the very high end. Get A1C and Fasted Inuslin tested. This will help see if there any underlying issues with Hemoglobin or if your fasted insulin/BG Runs high naturally.
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    Answered Question about protein consumption and muscle synthesis?
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    Answered Best protein for any time of the day(not after training)

    Any protein powder that - Fits your budget - has flavors you would enjoy - meets 3rd party test / has a COA Some considerations: - Isolate/vegan/Egg (if you are lactose intolerant) - Whey/Whey Blend (if no issues with lactose) If cost is not an issue: XF 2.0 (LCP, Cinnamon Roll, Mocha...