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  • Hi Matrix, i've taken propecia for 6 months to treat hair loss 2 years ago and have been hit with all the awful side effects; suicidal thoughts, shrinkage and numbness in genitalia, memory loss, brain fog, chronic fatigue etc. Do you know of any way I can rid my self of these symptoms and carry on with life again? I've lost my job and couldn't graduate from uni, and things are not getting better. I very much look forward to your reply
    Just read Matthersby's posts and it was like looking in a mirror. I am sic and tired (literally) of all the money I pumped into HRT clinic. Man I need to get in contact with someone you can recommend near Roseville, CA (Sacramento). Thanks Matrix.
    Hi Matrix, i tried posting a visitor message earlier, but i dont not see it in the stream here. I am new to the forum and have been suffering post finasteride symptoms for the last six months. In previous posts it said you have had success restarting people with these issues. I am seriously desperate and want to work with you to gain some clarity from someone with experience. I was curious how do i go about setting up a phone consult with you. or do you have an office that I could visit. any info would be greatly appreciated. willing to pay whatever. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
    Hi Matrix, need to contact you before my appointment with the Dr that was recommended. Need to sort out a Skype session but your inbox is full so it won't let me send a message.
    Hi Matrix, need to ask you some things about arrangements but can't PM you as your message box is full. Please PM ASAP thanks.
    Hi Matrix, tried to PM you but your inbox is full. Please give me a shout when you can. Much appreciated
    I've had burning stool for a long time. One lab did not find pathogenic bacteria but I have had e coli poisoning before this. I was just curious if there was a supplement or probiotic you could recommend for chronic dysbiosis like this. Thanks.
    Hey man, I know you are extremely knowledgeable in HRT area. I'm 19 and have low testosterone, was wondering if you knew of a good doc in the New York, Long Island area. Thanks.
    Good urologist in the Chicago area with low t experience
    Hi Matrix, please could you recommend a good multiple vit? Thank you
    Hey Matrix,

    just referring to your post

    I to am suffering these side effects, can you shed some light i've been off for 18 days. No improvement.

    I matrix, can you PM me with details of what you meant by i might not be absorbing the food i eat? how do i get tested for it? etc. I PMd you but my sent box states i have sent nothing so posting on here just in case, thanks
    hey Matrix, you pm is full, tried to contact you via email and fax......give me a shout whenever please.
    Dietitian you need to look for the root, buddy. Im gonna get tested for heavy metal poisoning, because I have a lot of clues of that being the cause of my problems (undermethylator)
    Does anyone have any insight to the causes of undermethylation and overmethylation? Does anyone understand the pyroluria and how to know for sure which one a person is when a methylation is involved with pyroluria. What tests do any of you know about besides blood histamine and basophils because from what I understand these may not be accurate????
    hey mate, is it possible to clear out a few messages, i would like to send you a PM with a question. Thanks heaps
    Hi matrix

    I have referral question. Do you mind sending me email/PM?

    Your PM box is full can you send me a PM
    Hey Matrix, I have another question for you about HCG usage and would really like to touch base with you on it. Can you email me so I can ask you a few questions? Thanks
    Hey Matrix,just wanted to know if you could help me with my new results i'm confused are my levels okay.I've been using zinc should I stop using it.
    Hi Matrix, Do you offer consultations, I am very keen to hear your opinions on what I can do to sort out some of my issues?
    Not sure what you do for a living, but you seem to be more than knowledgable on this up and coming science of Test replacement therapy (TRT) and the like.

    Have you ever thought about a fee based Internet site where people could seek (specific) advice and/or protocols to address with their own physicians (most out there are lost and need guidance) or treat on their own?

    I for one would pay to have someone go over my NUMEROUS test results, and tell me what should be done, not done, tested for etc.

    As opposed to like right now where my doctor does random tests seemingly AT random, and never seems to ever get anything right or know where to go next. Just a thought.

    MD magazine just added the "Anabolic Doc" for steroid users. He is paid and advises steroid users. Sort of the same idea, but for TRT folks like me and many others that are lost.

    Hi Matrix Is my testosterone of 428 ng/dl to low for a 20 year old.If so where should my level be my prolactin and cortisol were a little high on my last test.I think those could be lowering it.
    Hi Matrix. I'm losing women because they want me to cum but it causes me mind fog and clumseyness the next day.

    I'm looking for info! Desperate!

    Heard that you can put me in the right direction taking it on a hormonal tack, and I think I favour the hormonal explanation in my case.

    I'm actually in Argentina with great cheap bloodwork I'll definitely have to check out.

    Where shall I start?
    Greetings Matrix,

    Based on your knowledge, is it possible to "manipulate" testosterone tests if I wanted to make sure I stayed on test therapy? I have had two high tests out of the last three (1,100 total test) where my doctor almost scaled me back, and said he would check again in six months. If I stopped my injections let's say a week or two before blood work, would that ensure my levels are lower? Thanks.
    Hey Shawn,

    It's Jim from Washington, DC. How's it going? Long time, no hear, lol! Drop me a line when you get a minute.

    I have been battling hypothyroidism for 6 years (I am 27) without much success. I like your thoughts that something is triggering the sickness. Initial symptoms were excessive sweating, rapid weight gain, memory loss and dizziness. I have regular blood test and have tried numerous medicines; Levoxyl, Levoxyl and Synthroid together, Armour and NatureThroid. My weight has stabilized but I can't lose more than a couple pounds and soon enough it comes back. I have struggled with my testosterone levels through all of this as well. Originally taking Testim until the thyroid medicine seemed to bring it back up. But I still don't feel right. My libido quite frankly sucks and I have never found the energy I used to have. Any thoughts/advice/recommendations? Thank you,

    Dear Matrix,

    I'm new to this forum so can't PM at the moment as haven't left any threads yet. I am suffering with histadelia and would like some treatment. From what I can gather do you practice orthomolecular medicine? If so, where can I find you? Do you have a website?

    Dear Matrix,

    I made the biggest mistake of my life and took a pointless 4 week test cycle and then several months later i took a cycle of SPAWN (designer tren followed by 5 weeks of clomid). My libido is shot, im only 20 and i dont feel the same. I want to get back on top of my game and be happy again so i can learn from this!! someone told me that you could maybe give me some tips, like what kind of bloodwork to get done and what steps i should take to try and "restart" myself. Anything would help so much!! please help me!!

    Did the guy you helped with iodine completely recover from his Peyronie's? By the way, how old was he? Do you know if he used beta-blockers or 5ar inhibitors?

    Just another question: when you say iodine, you mean potassium iodide, right? Or is it another form of iodine?

    Thanks anyway for the tip.

    Yes I am currently a patient of Dr. C. It has been a long and frustrating road, but hopefully I will get to where I need to be in the near future. I have been on TRT since I was 16 and still am not on the correct protocol.

    I noticed in one of your posts that you are an expert in intestinal issues and feel that the stomach may hold the answers to a host of health of problems. This is interesting to me, because I believe I have adrenal issues. Very poor recovery after exercise, no energy, dark circles, etc. In addition, I have been dealing with chronic anal itching for over 1.5 years! I have used every itch cream known to man (and baby for that matter) and nothing will get rid of it. I have had a stool sample analyzed but it was negative for parasites. Any ideas?
    Hey dude I need some gut health advice. It wont let me send you a private message

    I have been reading your posts with great interest and now wants to have some help from you. first few questions if you don't mind to answer.

    1-what was the reason for your hypogonadism?
    2- how is going your HCG monotherapy, I am assuming you are just on HCG only.
    3-do you feel over time you HCG dosase has decreased? if yes what might be the reason.

    4-have you checked your LH and FSH recently, some say on HCG these values go down, some claim HCG actually bring these valuse up.


    do you know any doctors in california by any chance who prescribe HCG?
    Hey man, i need some advice with the mercury issue.

    I know you we're talking about how once chelated the mercury can redistributed in the body.

    I need some advice on what i should use at the moment in a safe manner to both protect my body from cell damage and redistribution while at the same time excreting and chelating the mercury.

    I am using presently Selenium and Vitamin E which i have read help protect the brain from neurological damage and i am noticing it is improving my brain fog and head tightness etc.

    What else can i use to chelate mercury besides the IV Vitamin C, and IV gluthonine...

    Also i will be going for actual DNA testing very soon so i will know what actual genetic mutations i have.
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