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  • Meister
    Yo! PM's and messaging period are jacked right now. My email: todd.edgar at yahoo dot com.
    I'm totally stealing your 'about me' and puting that as my facebook quote! AHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Hi, thanks for commenting on my post re AX still in biz. I LOVED SX. Should I try StimX? It sounds the same on website, but don't they all? I've tried Methyl Ice, "Benzadrine" by Hi Tech, VPX meltdown, and Poison. All are junk. . . . Suggestions????
    Iron Lungz
    "People like IL..."

    Seriously, WTF?
    hey bro, stacking mass fx and hyperdrol x2 is not affect your heart right?
    Gentlemen, if you have a question, please PM me or pop into a thread. Sorry, but I just won't catch 'em here as a visitor message.
    Ahh so slim is potant. I thought it would be since it is from AX.
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