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  1. Gut Health Review Compilation...again

    Gut health is easily the best probiotic/prebiotic supplement I've ever used. I've tried a bunch of others but Gut Health either solved or dramatically improved some that most others could barely make a dent in, including bloating, trapped gas build up and even some tummy intolerance issues...
  2. Liquids to Pills which do you prefer?

    EpiAndro pills would be great, especially if it will help with pricing. pBold would be too, but I'd worry about absorption.
  3. iForce is goign to change the pre-wo game FOREVER! MAXOUT!

    Will this replace conquer or be another option? Also I remember a while ago there was talk of a blood pressure supplement in the same line as heart help. Been out of the loop for a bit, any update on that Vaughn?
  4. Mountainman and Follidrone: Oh-Myostatin!

    Pretty badass workout! Have you noticed any significant strength increases since starting Follidrone?
  5. Mountainman and Follidrone: Oh-Myostatin!

    Subbed, curious on how this supplement affects your strength
  6. EvoMuse Nerve Restore Writeup

    I haven't been able to tie it down to one thing. Right now the best guess is my computer chair broken and I'd replaced it temporarily with a pretty crappy chair which was I ended up using for months leading to months of typing with my arms too bent. Aside from that I had been using my laptop on...
  7. EvoMuse Nerve Restore Writeup

    Curious if this would be recommended for my problem. I've had a numbness in my little and ring finger down the side of my hand for months now. From the doctors they think it's from pressure on my elbow and just to rest it. After weeks of resting it mostly went away but has now come back. I'm...
  8. PS4 or XBOX ONE, what you buying

    That and the 'next gen' AI that allows fish to swim out of your way ;)
  9. omega 3s can cause prostate cancer

    What I don't like (and what makes me question this study) is saying that there is no evidence that taking any dietary supplement can benefit health. The 'any' isn't said but very clearly implied. It reminds me of a study I saw on the 'dangers of taking vitamins' piece where if you actually saw...
  10. PS4 or XBOX ONE, what you buying

    Microsoft has said there will be privacy setting available, though the console physically wont' work without it plugged in. Also Microsoft is in bed with the NSA and prism. In theory there shouldn't be a problem but recent news has shown that the US government is willing to ignore privacy rules...
  11. PS4 or XBOX ONE, what you buying

    PS4 here for sure, because it's a gaming console first, while the xbox one is the microsofts attempt to merge a windows media center PC with a newier Xbox. From a gaming perspective, the PS4 is MUCH more powerful machine. This isn't like last gen with the ps3 vs xbox 360. In that case while the...
  12. omega 3s can cause prostate cancer

    Curious if we can get some of our more knowledgeable members, maybe coop, to weight in on this. Anyone seen/read the full paper?
  13. Any word on the blood pressure formulation?

    Thanks, I remember Vaughn had mentioned a possibility. More so for a 'cycle' but, I tend to stress out easy too, probably due to the amount I'm expected to know for work.
  14. Any word on the blood pressure formulation?

    Hey guys, any word on the blood pressure formula? Definitely something thats been holding me back lately. Looking to pick up some supplements for the job. Anything you'd recommend in the mean time?
  15. Where is the PH-19 on the LG Website?

    Yeah, but PH-19 hasn't made it to the new line.