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  • meathed
    Gave you reps but it cut my comment off. Great write-up bro. Very informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.
    When you got your bottle of incarante did it smell weird and were there small brown things showing inside the capsules.
    Please send me a message at mike-laryhotmail
    Thanks for the advice man, any advice you have feel free to send my way.
    Iron Lungz
    WTF happened to Rugger?
    Do you know why he was banned? It's alright, the time is drawing near...
    THanks for the compliments about the band... sorry it took me so long to get back to ya, I almost never use this messenger deal on amspace.
    How are ya Suncloud.. Nice to meet ya.. Hope all is well with you.

    hey sun what are rack deads? i see you suggest those alot
    Been doin' like a DRAGON :D YOU write poetry ? Who says BBuilders are shallow ?! :)
    alright thanks for your honesty man, ill check it out with him =)
    well thanks for the vote of confidence. unfortunately i haven't done any HST style workouts, so anything i told you about them would be generic info - not first hand. i think "rodja" is very familiar with HST though.
    hey there i see that alot of post on here have you in them =) lol you seem like a pretty knowledgeble guy who knows his ****, i was curious about something... i have recently stumbled upon hypertrophy specific training, i was wondering in your opionion does it work, and have you ever had any experience with it, thanks again man
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