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  • hvactech
    package received! thanks for the additional samples and key thingy...
    i dont remember writing that, im guessing wrong person?
    Hey man, BigDavid just told me you used to live at Tivoli when you went to ucf. I live there now! haha...small world
    The "Sage of Monticello" phrase in your profile inspired me to read a little about Thomas Jefferson. What an interesting and important figure of American history!
    Hey stxnas ---- was hoping to get some Perform samples if possible. My shipping address is Ken Scheben, 132 Mayhew Avenue, Babylon, NY 11702. Thanks a bunch!
    Hey Sir, Could you send me some samples like "Perform" and other stuff from AI? My address is 4226 Edith Lane Unit D Greensboro NC, 27409.
    It'll be cleared in couple of minutes and yeah bud I'm fine with USPS :)
    Yo I got the glyco yesterday, thanks bro, I'll get you back when I get some better goodies bro
    thanks, man.
    you are a generous, brilliant, beautiful human being.
    That makes sense. So what will the A stand for? Or is just AI like we are LG now?
    Interesting. Any particular reason why? We can go to PM if you want.
    Glad to finally be friends with u lol.
    Your support is appreciated -->
    AI mini log brah!
    lol dood i've repped like 20 times today
    no rush man. Stoked to have some Life Support ;)
    lol yooooo man I have no memory of that message. Remind me
    hey need to ask a AI rep a question about life support and my father in law whos almost 80, survived colon cancer but now has to remain test free, and its killing him no energy at all, and a whole host of other problems, and **** the docs they know nothing about supps or health outside of perscriptions, if you could advise or point me in the rite direction, thanx in advance
    74HSN ... or no I just bought Stoked.

    Please keep in touch of AI 'cause that discount is handy.
    Haha, sounds familiar indeed! Luv ya bro, keep in touch.
    Valentines was take-out Olive Garden and a home movie. Not so romantic anymore once you have kids! (lol) How about you and your lil' Mrs?

    I know what you mean about lemons, life turns sour sometimes. I'll keep you and your dad in my prays. Please pray for me too brother. Prayer is out only weapon and a positive attitude (making lemon aid out of our lemons) is the key to ultimate victory! It looks like your wife got that job with good timing. ;)
    While upgrading the site, friends were deleted. Now everyone is trying to get all their friends back. Feels good to be wanted huh? lol Glad to hear you are doing well man.
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