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  1. Strongman training routine

    Yeah I like to mix in some oly lifts too. It's hard trying to fit all of that into a westside program. Probably going to try and develop a hybrid type program myself.
  2. Strongman training routine

    Just wondering how you guys set up your workout routines. Mine looks like this: Mon: Bench Tue: Squat Wed: Conditioning/GPP Thur: Overhead push Fri: Deadlift Sat: Events I also do auxillary lifts each day. I would like to try and work a westside type program around strongman training and...
  3. IFBB Pro's advice on Gear

    All pros are on year round. And a lot of recreational bodybuilders too.
  4. Just spent $27 on Energy Drinks. New Addiction.

    ANSI's extreme shock ABB's speed shot both are sugar free and very low cals (under 50)
  5. Beast of the East!!!

    Thanks a lot bro. I'll definately have some pics. Field looks pretty tough so i'm gonna need to have my **** together.
  6. Beast of the East!!!

    Anyone competing in this strongman comp. It's in Myrlte Beach this Saturday the 29th. I'll be there hoping to win the 231 weight class.
  7. How many of you guys actually compete

    Sweet man, any chance of turning pro.
  8. How many of you guys actually compete

    What are the events/weighgts. My training partners might be going to the maryland show. He's a 231 lber like me.
  9. How many of you guys actually compete

    Yeah, i'm in Myrtle Beach. But originally from Greenwood (upstate).
  10. How many of you guys actually compete

    Just wondering how many of you guys actually compete in Strongman. And what contests you have coming up. I just competed in a contest in Columbia SC and have the beast of the east in Myrtle Beach SC coming up in April.
  11. Turanabol conversion

    Anyone have a recipe for oral t-bol.
  12. IBE still around?

    I ordered from them about a 2 weeks ago. Order only took 4 days or so, still a good company imo.
  13. best training song

    Godsmack "I stand alone"
  14. HCG and massive pumps!

    You sure your gear is real?
  15. Ronnie Coleman Wins 8th Mr. Olympia

    Unfortunately no.