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  • Hi had a couple of questions regarding androhard and erase pro. Could you explain how they work together? Do I need to take an on cycle as well as PCT after 8 weeks on androhard? Thanks
    Hey Ryan,
    I came across your log on ultradrol and man it sucks you got hurt. Hopefully you are back on top from the back injury. I am really interested in ultradrol but I am not too sure about a PCT with this. It supposedly doesn't convert to estrogen but I never trust the label in that aspect. I ran Halovar years ago (too early of age) and didnt' have a PCT. That cycle turned out fine but I would like the advice of a seasoned person on running this one. What would you recommend if you don't mind me asking. Thanks for the help. (No PMs yet due to just signing up today.)

    hey... i just ordered A.M. and A.H.... mostly because i read alot about that stuff on this site... its my first test based product and i didnt know i have to take post cycle therapy.... is there anything you can recommend? because i saw some stuff on the site where i got AM from but it was kinda expensive do u think i can get the discount code from you?
    Im about to order the al and am today and say that u might be able to hook me up with a discount code to make it a little more affordable. If so it would be much appreciated, and if not could you point me in the right direction where i might get 1, but i cannot send pm's because i just opened this account today.Thanks
    I am hoping you could help out ,i need to purchase ASAP a bottle of androhard and andro lean but i live in the united kingdom ,is there a chance i can get these sent by express delivery and if so how much would it cost
    Nice to see a fellow Longhorn representing. '05 grad...Hook'em!
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