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  • hey russianstar, I am probably moving to Russia later this year. will I have a problem bringing some of my stash with me or should i try to sell before I go?
    Will IGF-3 LR3 show up in a urine test? I am subject to random tests and am curious. I have heard it wont since I plan on pinning intra muscular, but i wanted to hear it from the horses mouth. Thank you for your time sir.
    Thank you for all of the great threads. They have been very insightful and useful. Did anyone end up doing a log on Forged Lean mass?
    Is CC going to allow more than 200 MG of the Ursolic Acid anytime soon? Maybe say 500 to 600 mg?
    I was going to order some yesterday and I wanted to put at least 500 mg per cap.
    It stopped me at 200 mg.
    And since it was 31% I am sure I could at least get 500 and maybe about 550 in there.

    Thanks in advance.
    Was wondering if you have a link to the study showing LCLT doesn't up-regulate androgen receptors in the prostate?

    A bunch of people are really looking for an answer on that, thanks!
    Hello russianstar,
    Can you help me establish my diet plan and give recommendations on what to add or take out? Any help in the cycles of gear and the peptides would truly help as well

    The title of the cycle is called a fusion of gear and peptides located o in the cycle info section of this webpage

    Thanks for your time sir

    See you get mad questions all the time, alot to keep up with..just got a quick question..looking to add osterine into the reccommend irondragon, sarm search, unique chem or another sugg..

    Thanks bro..
    Hey man I have a few questions about the CJC1295 DAC Gh stacked with Huperzine A...can I run Forma Stanzol with it as well? And if so how long would I run this cycle for and the doses used? One more thing, would i have to run a PCT like the one you threaded about earlier after this cycle?? Thanks bro
    never mind ill just post my message here

    epistane, mlmg, 1 andro etc...
    so my question is are you guys legit and you guys back up these PH with quality, i havent seen any reviews or people swearing for epistane from you guys.

    also how does your guys system work, if the capsule go up to 6 do i have to order more batches or what?
    hey cna you clear your inbox i wanna PM but you are full
    Just helping out my bud Johnny..
    But, can you back me up as well?
    h t t p : / /

    TY :)
    thats whats up! life is good, just doin me. trying to find a place to hang my hat. i fell off am. I had a lot of family stuff come up, but its all good now. im back!

    how is life for you? you still in england these days?
    so what, youre not gong to talk to me now?
    I would appreciate your source of HGH and IGF-1 from China. Don't post it or the Board Mods will threaten to ban you like they did me. I simply posted a few sites for HCG and Armidex from india and they were all over me like I commited Murder.

    hey mate, you still up to group shopping from NP?
    HOw's it going brotha...I read a post where you are having some family issues...well, keep the head up man. Things will get better with time and determination...
    hi, excuse me i'm new in the forum and i want a advice to you.
    i must start my frist cycle of anabol..i have the 'sus500' 60caps(Active Ingredients:
    Estra-4 9-Diene-3 17-Dione, 13-Ethyl-3-Methoxy-Gona-2, 5(10)-Diene-17-One, 3, 17 Ketoetiochol-Triene, Silymarin Extract, TPGS (Advanced Delivery System), In A Base Of Safflower Oil, Gelatin).
    what PCT must i take for this product?
    what is the most good PCT of iForce Reversitol, A-X Advanced PCT or IBE Formex ,Clomid , Nolvadex , novedex xt ????
    and what liver support?? SNS Liver Assist XT or prfect cycle Anabolic extreme are good?
    thanks a lot. best regards.
    i don't know,i have buy trenadrol 3 months later
    Royd The Noyd
    No problem thank you for the update!
    Royd The Noyd
    Do you have a status update on the Microdrol log? Thanks
    Rosie Chee
    Thank you, Levi. Inspiring people is what I want to be doing! ~Rosie
    hello Mr. RussianStar (Levi according to your friends), my name is enoc. i wanted to know if you know a stack that will help me gain mass stack and then take another stack that will get me ripped. also, i have learned so much on this form on what to do and not what to do. the articles here are complicated, so this is the reason why i am turning to you. history: 6'0, 165lb, 10%bft, train 5 days a week. i did a previous stack that really sucked because i was a newbie and listened to the idiots at max muscle. was helped by some members on this site to counteract sides i gained on my previous stack. i took tren xtreme for eight weeks and then took nolva + formex + cycle support for the pct. i know, real stupid of me. please sir, can you help me with the stacks. thanks for your time.
    haha damn you got yours before I did. Hit me up with a link to your log when you get it up! I cant wait to see how this goes for you!
    Rosie Chee
    Cheers. Been ok aye, Levi (the log says it all, LOL). Hope you enjouyed your trip :)
    Hey do you think it is neccesary to run an Nolva Pct cycle for a superdrol 30/30/30/30 stacked with H-drol 25/25/25/25? Or is a good OTC like Sustain Alpha is good enough? An help please? I came across your page and you look like you know what you are doing.
    yo bud! Since you are in UK it will take longer for your Smash to arrive. ETA is 2 weeks. Guess your June log is going to go the way yo u wanted!
    yeah man..sorry about the delay..things have just been really hectic for axis..i assure you it will be there soon...good thing is you get to start your log later than you wanted! good...just reppin around...liftn..same you doin?
    HEY BRO, CONGRATS; just realized you are a rep for CC, good stuff, enjoy the raw compiliations.
    Rosie Chee
    Heya, Levi...All good; have fun on your time away...No worries. YOU take care of yourself!
    THIS MOTHER ****** is a STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    naw bro..havent really gotten around to it yet. Im still in high school so i really havent felt the full effect but def some
    yo dawg saw that ph you made with custom cap. Looked pretty sick nasty id def give it a try haha
    Good to hear from you, you're too kind Comrade.
    hey russian like to thank you for introducing to the site, iv had a good look through the forums and taken alot in.great site thanks
    Hey Russian, who is this man you speak of! ;)
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