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    Cycle Support not helping BP

    I returned to the dr yesterday and my bp is down to 130/80.
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    Cycle Support not helping BP

    oh ****! i just noticed the second number! i think i am fine compared to that
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    Cycle Support not helping BP

    You think mine is deathly high?
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    Cycle Support not helping BP

    I take it his normal is in the 147 range.... kind of high no? Anyway..... My normal BP is 116/80 Never been higher and this is my first cycle. Test Cyp 600 mgs per week - split between Mon and Thrs Started with var at 50 mgs a day for the first 5 weeks Taking Nolva 20 mgs a day...
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    is the site down?

    I just tried the link in the forum topic and it said the site cannot be found.
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    Cycle Support not helping BP

    Any update on this chemist? I am in a similar situation but my bp is much higher
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    Cycle Support = Life Support ???

    How long does it take for the cycle support to kick in? I preloaded two weeks before my cycle began and am approaching the end of week 5 but my bp is hovering around 169/87. I just threw in some potassium and taurine on top of the cycle support but nothing seems to be working.... any thoughts?
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    Lemonade Xtend???

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    "C" is for Cookie...

    Actually, no offense to anyone but I wasn't impressed with the cookie mix. Tired several different methods to make them and they all turned out a little less than desirable. Too many chocolate chips as well. I mean a **** load of chocolate chips. No directions either. WTF?
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    Lemonade Xtend???

    I know this is a bit old but I have the Lemonade version of Xtend and love it. What was the "it won't matter soon" comment in reference too.. is there some other product you were eluding too?
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    Do you wake up in the middle of the night to drink a shake?

    I take a shake just before but and never set my alarm to wake up purposefully. Actually, ever since I have been taking USP Labs REM3G, I rarely wake up in the middle of the night at all. However... before REM3G.... if I did wake up to hit the head, I would knock back a Muscle Milk RTD. Quickest...
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    Jungle Warfare/N.O. Xplode

    You should do some more research. SERM is discussed ad nauseam through out the forum.
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    Jungle Warfare/N.O. Xplode

    I want to use all of these but I have heard it is not safe to take creatine with pro-hormones, steroids, etc. I have never heard such a thing..... source?
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    An Idea for my future roid use.

    Get your diet in check and you could probably still make good natural gains.
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    just got a ticket

    Absolutely. I have beaten a few tickets that way over the years. If you can manage the day off from work it is so worth it. Those 3 points could cost you a ton more in the future insurance payments.