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  • Stri8ted25
    Im impressed with how much time u've taken to arguee w stupidity
    Thanks for getting back to me so fast. Didn't even realize these were in my inbox... work is a killer and all my other moments are spent eating or in the gym. I'm sure you can relate. AM=ALPHA MALE :D
    Success. Good thing I'm a chem major. "Ice bath to set the emulsion" confuses a lot of people... ;)
    Yo, I got some dermacrine in today. It looks like ****. Let me know if you want me to send you pics. Its all ****ed up. I put it in fridge and waiting for it to get "better?" It separated? I have pics but didn't want to post them on the forum out of respect. Let me know.

    Young Gotti
    hey i know your into mma and i posted this on the mma forum but check out, it's like a facebook or myspace for mma and you can possibly find fighters,trainers, or any events that may be taking place in your area
    Hey Rodja, congrats on the Mass FX version 3 logging opportunity. I'll be watching this one for sure
    Hi, what brand name of forskolin do you use, and do you know anything about oral Cardispan? Please let me know...Thanks, Kat.
    hey i'm a kinesiology: exercise science major myself, i appreciate your informative posts, jiu jitsu kick ass no doubt!
    Hey thanks for the adivice man... appreciate it...
    hey whats up man, in your mma supplement you put the product heat as a appetite suppressant i was interested in it, but do not know the brand name etc.
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