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    Usyk is crazy good
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    What is your favorite cheat meal?

    Get there before 1pm, thats when they usually sell out
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    What is your favorite cheat meal?
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    What is your favorite cheat meal?

    A couple miles north of the strip. On 6th Street
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    What is your favorite cheat meal?

    I had the most amazing donuts in Vegas. There's a really famous place called The Donut Bar, it's been featured on many tv shows. Their donuts are ridiculously good.
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    What is the best fatburner you ever used?

    ECA + eviscerate or supernova or absolutely abliderated. If diet is in check, there's no way this stack doesn't work.
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    Eventually The Shirt Has To Come Off

    This community is about progress. If you look like a jelly donut now, no one cares. You'd be surprised, sometimes we tend to imagine that because this is a forum about fitness/bodybuilding /etc we think everyone on here is super fit. That's not entirely true, there are some really fit people on...
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    Dang I didn't know he was 26. Dude looks like 19
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    Have you guys seen that Monster from Japan? Naoya Inoue That kid is dangerous. Probably my favorite fighter to watch. I want to see how far he gets. BTW thebigt no animosity here just stating and defending my opinions.
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    if it worked as advertise im pretty sure everyone would know by now. HMB, ecdysterone, etc most people dont uses them anymore because they dont work on most people (they work on some but not most). Same with elevatp, it didnt catch on it must be for good reason.
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    Its actually not exogenous they claim to have found some ancient herb that boost endogenous atp, there is one study proving it work but unfortunately the study was done on one person
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    Need to bring up my biggest weak point(arms) looking for advice

    This! Key for all muscles really
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    7 Days fasting. Zero calories for 168 hours. HGP's short log

    200 mcg of clen should do the trick
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    In the Mail ....

    Thanks to The Solution for hooking me up. Its hard to find a good price on Karbolyn. He even covered my taxes, we cool like that tho don't expect him to cover y'all taxes. But seriously, he's a great guy, he has great prices. Strongly reccomend doing bussiness with him. BTW that Fuel...
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    Also, again for the second time read closely. I clearly stated "But yea you're right both are good and Errol is heavier. If they were both equal in skill Spence wins but I think Garcia is superior to Spence." Nowhere in that sentence did I say anything that resembled "because he beat Broner he...