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    In the Mail ....

    Back to Theracumin after trying the Curowhite in Genius Collagen. It seemed to keep my joints fine, but per usual the Genius Brand prices are just a bit ridiculous, so back with one of my favorite Curcumin products.
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    Caffeine as vasoconstrictor?

    I wouldn't be overly concerned with just caffeine around a workout for vasoconstriction worries. That said you may be better off with a non-caffeinated EAA product if already taking a pre-workout with caffeine or saving that for days when you will really need it (and during workout caffeine...
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    Unanswered Best natural anabolics

    Was a favorite of mine. No longer in production and doubt you can find it anywhere. CEL Anabolic Effect uses the same 2g KME dose that was one of the major benefits of KS that is the same as what is seen in some of the positive KME studies. CEL Epi-plex is probably the best option for a...
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    Overtraining Workouts at home?

    Honestly this is going to be dependent on the individual. What I could do versus you may be overtraining or not. I'd treat home training the same as I would training in the gym, you should start lower in volume and build as you adapt to it. Couple things to keep in mind, 100-200 is a huge...
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    Best fat burner

    That is going to be individual. The stimulant effects are definitely going to decrease to some extent (caffeine tolerance is pretty much unavoidable), but the effects of some of the other stimulants and the actual fat burning actions of other ingredients should still be working even if you don't...
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    What's your COVID-19 gameplan?

    Honestly this is what I don't get. Like I don't understand. Can we just think of other people for a second? Now again I know plenty who have shut down their churches and are doing online services or something similar, but really this is blowing my mind.
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    Can Boosting Immune System Stop Covid-19?

    Based on moving the goal posts. :)
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    What's everyone's favourite pump product?

    Mood/Anxiety reduction, decreased pain, neuroprotective and it can help potentiate other ingredients. Honestly pump is one of those "cool side benefits" of Agmatine. I wish I still had the original powerpoint from MAN (Dinoiii?) when they first introduced Blue Print. I've LOVED Agmatine use...
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    Ideal diet for size while on cycle?

    I mean that is such a individualistic question. Are you gaining at an appropriate rate? Yes then it is fine, if no then it isn't ideal. How has it been so far? How have you felt?
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    Can Boosting Immune System Stop Covid-19?

    Or the ones who think the FDA and Big Pharma are out to get you, but that these supplement companies somehow have the answer to Covid and your best interest at heart. :)
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    Unanswered CEL Anabolic Effect - Natural Anabolic

    This looks pretty amazing, I am super jealous! haha As far as ArA as long as you are working out at least 4 days per week I wouldn't see any real need to dose on off days or more than 2g. Dosing pre allows for optimal "usage" of the ArA making it more effective per gram (so to speak). With...
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    Pre Workout

    What do you want maybe I can help you find one?
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    SNS Energized Aminos Log

    I use stall mats. The mats I bought this week are similar. Some have some slight "bumps/texture" so I'm not a huge fan (makes it awkward doing some barbell movements), but provides a good thing to place my bike, rower, ghd, etc on.
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    The New Product Release Thread

    It isn't owned by any of those, you can get EpiCor from many companies. It is a trademarked ingredient just being sold under Nootropic Depot, Nutrabio, Swanson, etc.
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    SNS Energized Aminos Log

    So I ordered all my main stuff from Rogue. Most of that was in the past though when I first started. Now I occasionally browse craigslist and search for little things I need. I purchased my rower from there for example. Quite a few things though have been by chance or just keeping my eyes open...