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    Cumulative Nootropics

    I think this is a great, although maybe complicated topic. I’m on mobile so I’ll have to be brief (compared to my usual). I think this is one of the reasons people miss out or think nootropics aren’t effective. Lots tend to be gradual and build long term effects, they aren’t just caffeine...
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    Arnold 2020 Expo Cancelled

    I know you are quoting someone but in relation to that quote James Krieger posted this and I think it can help alleviate some concerns for people looking at statistics. This isn't to say we shouldn't care or take precautions but just to temper some of the worry:
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    Adaptogens/Nootropics Preworkout

    That is a good starting list. It is going to kind of depend on what you want as you are kind of looking at two separate areas. Nootropics may help with the lack of stims (or allow lower doses) but that won't always mean performance while some adaptogens and herbs may help with performance but...
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    New type of Peds??

    Not a ton of experience with all but... Alpha GPC is legit I do find some good benefit to 600mg+ preworkout (Alphasize if you need quality brand), but don’t expect miracles. I do love it prior to heavier sessions.
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    Answered Sleep / Anxiety stacking - Advice?

    What are the doses and standardization for the lions mane, ash, and lemon balm product? Some do find ashwagandha to be sedating and lemons balm should be relaxing as well. You could always split the dose or take it later in the day for the “calming” effect. Even done that way some of the longer...
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    Answered Natty Stack Thoughts - EP1LOGUE

    You could keep them in if you’d like they shouldn’t have any issues. K1ngslayer and Ep1logue was an awesome combo so maybe keep Vector since it contains Korean Mistletoe as well? Regardless if you like Vaso-6 and Epicatechin you should love Ep1logue.
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    Answered Tropinol + Intimidate + Testabolin = Need Reversitol?

    I don’t remember all the ingredients for the iforce products but you shouldn’t need anything for when you are done with them, things should just return to baseline just fine.