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    Epistane and Halodrol legal status

    Yeah, they're banned. They are explicitly listed.
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    Unanswered Nolva and Arimidex on-cycle as needed for estro sides?

    You're probably holding water. Personally, I'd run the Nolva for a week anyway, since you've already got nipple issues. Id also extend it to a 4th week in PCT.
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    Answered Cycle Advice

    I've run it 40mg to 80mg (but 80 is high) . It adds a LOT of strength, and adds lean muscle, and partitions. A guy that I had known 5 or 6 years ... the only time he commented on my physique, was when I was on a Var run. He said, "Man you're getting BIGG"! .... and he made a muscle pose...
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    Answered Epistane Cycle Help..Please

    You have your Nolva listed 20/20/40/40 ... Ramping up. You can just eyeball the powder.
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    Answered Clomiphene vs clomifen

    Clomifen is just a brand name for Clomifene.