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  • R1balla
    inbox is full man. lemme know whats going on
    Hey, man. You guys are still doing the labels, right? I've been saving a ton and just wanted to make sure. If you still are and you ever hear that they're talking about stopping, would you post a thread to give a heads up? I've got so much CL stuff that I've just been holding onto it to get the most out of my labels.

    Thanks, bro.


    (I had this typed up as a PM, but your inbox is full ;) )
    Hey .. saw one of your posts where you recommended White Flood; I am trying to cut down a lot of my body fat% and doing low carbing and tried white Flood Electric Lemonade flavor 1 scoop empty stomach (12 oz of water with White flood, plenty of water during the workout and during the day as well) but didn't get any significant energy, endurance or pumps; have tried it once for my biceps workout. Will try again for back, chest, triceps and let you know. Should I continue using 1 scoop for awhile to test the results say over a week or two or should I up the dosage to 1.5 to 2 scoops? I don't take any other supplement other than 4 scoops of Optimum nutrition gold standard whey protein isolates during the day (rest of diet is high protein-140gm a day, moderate fats-70gm a day and low carbs - 35gm a day, weight: 190 lbs, height: 5
    I'm good, just always seeking knowledge! How bout u?
    RenegadeRows has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    long time, no talk! hows life!?
    Hey is it ok if I invite you to my log? OK! Here it is :D
    Iron Lungz
    Hey, could you re-send your PM to me? I purged them all... again.
    Hey ! I gave you a shout-out in my log, haha. I just put it up :)
    Hey hey, great avvy you got there. Have always liked that pic of Lee, THE COBRA SPREAD! What lats! Crazy! For sure from all his fight training. Cool cool!
    Iron Lungz
    Fighting for my life, man.
    It seems that Death's Hand is always trying to grip me.
    Blue Gene is absolutely fantastic!
    I'm doing fine Renegade! Staying busy. I hadn't heard from you in forever so I thought I'd say hi.
    Thanks for the friend request brotha!
    You're a good man RR. Stay in the Spirit my brother!
    How you doing buddy, we've not talked in while. Hope all is well for you!
    John Smeton
    Thanks for the friend request bro
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