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  1. DanTman's CUTTING log...starting 11/13/05

    it happens to the best of us, keep going man!
  2. OCCFan's Pre/During Summer Cut starting 5/19/06

    It looks like a nice combo of BCAA and Post workout nutrition, let us know how it goes.
  3. Aussies bulking log

    Glad you just started the bulking program, im gonna start it soon still haven't received the program but it should be coming soon enough, good luck.
  4. Your attitude.....

    Just wanted to bump this, It was nice to read bobo preaching against ALA. I have a lot of physiology and anatomy books stating exactly what bobo just said, it mimicks insulin and it goes to receptor GLUT4 ... what the supplement company tells you is that it improves insulin sensitivity... but of...
  5. help with retaining water

    Don't start ingesting Sodium unless you are 100% clear of what is going on with your system. Do you have thyroid problems?
  6. Training BOBO

    Thanks Bobo. here is my email EDIT: Got it. because I can't contact you in here via pm.
  7. Training BOBO

  8. Training BOBO

    Bobo I have tried contacting you via the webpage for training inquiries for this summer but no luck so far, let me know if you have some space available, thanks.
  9. humalog before workouts?

    basically because you want to start the recovery anabolic process as soon as possible and not delay it.
  10. Is there a doctor in the house?

    Hello, first of all a tendinitis is an inflammation of the distal supraspinatus tendon that goes from the scapula all the way to the shoulder joint. The only way to remedy that problem is basically taking some time off and taking anti-inflamatories for it, or the other option you have is...
  11. r-ala half life?

    Take green tea, Vitamin E and C with them, also as BOBO pointed out, 1 gram has nothing on the oxidative side.
  12. HELP PLEASE Workout partner is a puss & wont squat help me convince him 2

    Yes bobo but this is different, this is about how my body responded to an specific workout not a diet in particular. I'm open for suggestions as I've and will always be for you to tell me bobo what would be a better exercise that would stimulate the kind of mass that deadlifts and squats can do...
  13. HELP PLEASE Workout partner is a puss & wont squat help me convince him 2

    I think those exercise in a progressive mode meaning that your strength was let's say at 135lbs per 8 reps and with proper diet and nutrition you can now squat 350lbs per 8 reps, i think you are going to have big legs and you are also going to make your body more efficient in pushing weights on...
  14. HELP PLEASE Workout partner is a puss & wont squat help me convince him 2

    hypertrophy will not occur on your arms, but I for sure know that squatting and deadlifting will set the stage for bigger arms once your bent rows and bench presses go up.
  15. HELP PLEASE Workout partner is a puss & wont squat help me convince him 2

    Bobo, Im gonna give my opinions again hehe. They are not magic exercises, they are compound exercises that target the majority of our Muscle Mass (Deadlift and Squat) thus triggering an hormone response "Test" when the demand is high ie . Hard Squats or Deadlifts. That doesn't mean other...