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    Is there a way I can take MK677

    If you’re stalling, consider upping the ostarine a bit!
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    Answered Any Explanations/Tips or help: Sudden extreme drop in my Bench Press within 3 days

    1. Ya came off cycle...DMZ is no joke from what I’ve witnessed it do to people 2. You need an extra rest day or two...Maybe slacked on calories ? 3. Stop relying on a spotter, it’s a crutch. Learn powerlifting form (keep your ass on the bench, slight arch, dig your traps etc into the bench...
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    Answered Topic of the Week: How important is the "pump" to you?

    One cannot ‘pump’ what they don’t have. Even if ones’ end goal is to be a bodybuilder...A strength base is crucial. The vast majority of guys I see in gyms need to be training full body 3 x week, building their base and getting their compound lifts respectable. I myself still train this way and...