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    Donald Trump running for president

    Cmon man??? Dont you know when you see an Oreo? Give m a break man??? The Libyans and others, might not know what COVID is, but since Ive been Prez for 15 years, I uhmmm.. Skibitty boop, BOP. Yeah man, Cmon. Hunters out chasing 9 yr olds for us to get with later man, Cmon. Hair sniffing, and...
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    What is the Best Ecdysterone or Turkesterone Supplement

    Good Ecdy is a decent health tonic/adaptogen at best. The "muscle-building" claims are bunk like the 100's before them. No plant is going to pack on muscle, sorry...
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    The true reason for going after NAC

    COVID :rolleyes: Vaccines :rolleyes:
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    I have a bunch of Test, HCG and Aris Prescribed in my name, need advice if should take it!

    If you are here, asking random strangers if you should take it, then no is the obvious answer. A personal decision by you and your Dr. only which could impact health, both Pos. + Neg.
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    Donald Trump running for president

    Biden and demtards killing the country at a record pace, but hey, we dont have the mean tweets by Orange man, right?? Libz
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    Mass Pro Synthagen anyone still take this?

    If you train with it, MASS gains from it!! Just kidding, I do like MASS Supps. I don't buy them often as they are very high priced. People have to realize, these things may help, but many seem to rely on them, "supp-hopping" to maybe find the Holy Grail. Is not going to happen. Drugs will do...
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    Wow, just wow!

    Huge SNS/CEL fan. (y)
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    ANDROGIN new Black lion Research ANABOLIC is here.

    Any logs, proof?
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    Vaccine, anyone?

    Thx Zoo!
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    Vaccine, anyone?

    Yes, he was married to my sister for 30 years, we (he and I) had a rock band together for 15 years, like brothers, so thank you... My actual brother died a couple years ago from cancer as well, this one hit me harder as my brother was a PoS of a person, was actually glad when he died.
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    Is Bodybuilding A Hyper-Critical Sport To Be A Fan?

    Rob, Its more of a pageant than a sport. Training is not sport. NFL players train hard, then do their sport. BB's train hard, then do their pageant/routine. Its funny when I read Supp companies say "we signed 2 new athletes" and they are just IG posers. Comical. Athletes
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    Donald Trump running for president

    Libtardz -> <- Normal folks
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    Vaccine, anyone?

    Recently spoke with 2 Boston nurses who came to visit my bro-inlaw at home in his final days recently when he passed from Cancer. They said the hospitals were empty, the fake-RONA wards were bare, said it was a joke. Huge hospital in Boston. Libtardz, LOL
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    Donald Trump running for president

    "My son, uhmm, Hunter, yeah Hunter, you know, the guy that runs that kid-p0rn outfit over there?". "He uhmm, gets little black children to play with my hairy legs while I sniff their afro's". "Its right on his laptop if you dont believe me" (whispers: "What Kamel-Toe, Im not supposed to say...
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    The true reason for going after NAC

    When asked about this, Brain-Dead Biden was heard to have said: 'The outfit, that runs the guy, who, uhmm, Cmon man, give me a beak, uhmm (looks at flash cards) and uhmm, it s NIC-NAC patty-wack, give the frog a loan, uhmm, ha ha, Whoa-ho China Joe, uhmm"...