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    Trest for cutting

    I'm a fan . Granted visually your look will likely be a bit softer until you stop using the trest (I say a bit because this is different from user to user) however won't be like a dplex / protodrol style dryness clearly. However, in terms of being anti-catabolic in a cal deficit, keeping the...
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    anyone having issues?

    support caught up to me today and handled my issue above and beyond. well done by support. thx for helping on here boone.
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    anyone having issues?

    yeah, called that number and emailed that email on Wednesday, and nothing. will send again, thx
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    anyone having issues?

    Anyone having issues getting through to this site? I contacted shop via support email and normally they respond within a few hours max, been 3 days no response. Called the phone line, no pickup. Any reps on here? thx
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    Sarm Forum

    Seems like 90% of threads these days are Sarm related. Any chance of getting a sub forum specifically for sarms?
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    T3 and AAS question

    If you aren't taking over 75-100mcg, I think diet is more important than aas from my personal experience. The thing you got to realize with t3 is that, especially carbs and protein, you will not gain weight no matter How much you eat. So structure Big big meals pre and post and you will likely...
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    H-Drol for a cut (2nd cycle) or go natty?

    you can def cut faster on a ph due to being able to dice more calories from the diet while having the majority of your lean muscle "protected" Also, visually it is much more pleasing to be on a ph cycle while cutting. You wont be nearly as flat as you would if dieting natural, or flat at all...
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    First Order

    Gotta admit I am pretty impressed by the way Strong Supp Shop does biz. I pretty much have only ordered Nutraplanet for many years now, but took a shot on Strong Supp when Np was out of an item i needed asap. Got the express shipping from strong supps, same day shipped out, updated through email...
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    PH shipping question

    Spread out order into multiple small lots. Yes you will get gauged a little for shipping but at least the whole thing isn't a wash if one gets picked.
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    M1T Log

    a friend i know still has a bottle of some m1t/mdien 5mg/1mg. bottle is from like 2004 lol.
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    Nipple fluctuates in size.

    Taper up , taper down , slow ...
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    Nipple fluctuates in size.

    I had a similar issue. Although different factors will effect the visual status of the nipple like mentioned above, the majority of my issue was on my left side. It wasnt till I used prami and it cleaned it right up, even after using a variety of different estro related routes (letro, ralox...
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    Coop's Corner: Thyroid Hormone

    Coop, you mentioned in another thread the thyroid was pretty resilient in nature. Once stopping t3, should come back rather quickly . What durations for t3 usage do you find responsible?
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    AAR Trest with some AAR DMZ

    Aar made some pretty great products I must say. For a company that was on the later end of the whole ph time span, they produced some quality stuff at reasonable prices.
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    maximum shred on last week of cycle

    search google for an article on t-nation called "6 days to shredded"