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    us embacies being assualted !

    Ok "Bones", why am I an idiot? My few spelling errors in my entire posting history or because I tell it like it is? Obama's a fool! Go to the gym and put on some size.
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    Any Good Books?

    Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time." The 14 book series started over 20 years ago and is being finished some time in 2013. -My favorite. Terry Brooks "Shannara" series.
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    us embacies being assualted !

    Obama should bow down to the leaders of Libya, Afghanistan an Iran like he did in Egypt, apologize, again, and bring all our troops home. There's no redeeming the strength of this country when we have soldiers guarding our embassies with blanks instead of real bullets. Either fight to win or...
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    YES! I think he will be re-elected. AND, no, suicide is not the answer.
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    TRT & cost of Test Cyp.

    I wouldn't pay more than $30 without a script.
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    Part of the reason that the FBI was formed was so that President Roosevelt would have more power to monitor the threat of anarchism in the United States, following the assassination of President Mckinley. There is a form of anarchist called Social Anarchism. It threatens what most of us calls...
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    Obamney 2012 - Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are Essentially The Same Candidate

    I give up. Everything is fixed. This country is heading in a direction that the super powerful want it to. It doesn't matter what we want because there are too many stupid, uneducated and people not from our country voting. Heck, Obama came back to the US as a foreign exchange student and no...
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    Illegal immagration whats your thoughts?

    Immigrants protest 'illegal' label Check it out. In my opinion illegal immigrants protesting in my country is a threat and makes them an enemy. It's a polite little war sitting right under our noses. To me those...
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    25 Great Truths & possibly the 5 Best Sentences you'll ever read.

    Thanks Neck, I needed the laugh. Great points made years before my time and still relevant.
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    Election of 2012....Who ya got?

    Since the beginning I liked a few things Ron Paul had to say, all the candidates have good idea's, but I think he's out of touch with the times. Just my opinion. I liked Cain and still like him more than the others.
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    EMERGENCY! If you ever read one political thread, this has to be the one. Read NOW!

    I think, stop voting in career politicians. I say Cain. Every person I will ever vote for, is the one with the least political experience. Everyone hates politicians, so quit voting them in.
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    Follistatin - Anybody tried it?

    I've been watching this stuff for awhile and have been thinking about trying some out. Some guys on another board swear it works and are doing 7-10 day runs with it. There's a few out there running under $200 per mg. 1mg will last 10 days. Everyone talks about the mice that were injected with...
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    Election of 2012....Who ya got?

    True but, more Black voters registered in '08 vs '04. In '04 Kerry only had something like 87% of the Black vote. I'm just saying that if the same 96% vote again for Obama, they're voting according to race. If there were only white candidates again less would turn out- like in '04 and previous...
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    Election of 2012....Who ya got?

    According to the '08 exit polls my "generalizations" aren't foolish. 96% of Black voters voted for Obama. If it had been only 85%, then I would say race wasn't an issue.
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    Election of 2012....Who ya got?

    Due to race, I will be surprised if Obama loses. It frustrates me that the left doesn't educate themselves on issues and vote on feelings. Even though Obama is the worst president in US history, most Blacks will still vote for him.